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Pickling the best baby carrier for hot weather. A handpicked selection of the best summer baby carriers and water baby carriers for the pool and the beach perfect for hot weather and summer with baby.

I love to spend our vacations in hot destinations.

Being an Italian in Ireland, I miss the sun and the warmth of the Mediterranean weather and this is one of the many reasons why we always plan family vacations in Italy.

I need my fix of sun, blue sky, and Italian food!

However, the baby gear you need for hot weather is partially different from the gear you need in winter and one of the biggest differences I experienced was the type of baby carrier I was comfortable wearing.

In winter, I am all about warmth and carrier covers but in summer or anyway hot weather, I am all about breathability form and my kids.

It is not fun to babywear in hot weather and it is even less fun not to be able to enter the water because your baby carrier is not meant for pools or the sea!

And so, this list.

After a long research, I have found what I believe to be the best summer baby carriers and the best water baby carriers for hot weather and pool/beach fun.

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In a rush? These are our top picks!

  • Best Baby Carrier for summer (everyday) – Ergo Baby 360 Summer Carrier, for us, the best breathable baby carriers and best summer infant carrier for newborns

Best summer baby carriers and water baby carriers chart

Name of carrierTypeWater carrier Y/NBudget
Bitybean UltraCompact Baby Carrier for Travel and Use in Pool and OceanSemi structured summer baby carrierY$$
Boba Air Baby CarrierSemistructured summer and water baby carrierY$$
Vlokup Baby Wrap Sling Carrier for Summer, Pool, Beach, SwimmingWrap carrier for summerY$
Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling CarrierRing Sling water carrier for babyY $
Ring Sling Mesh Baby Wrap Carrier Lightweight Breathable Adjustable, Summer Swimming Pool Beach Ring sling water baby carrierY$
Konny Baby Carrier Summer | Ultra-Lightweight, Hassle-Free Baby Wrap Sling | Newborns, Infants to 44 lbs ToddlersWrap carrier for summerN$$
Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support and Cool Air Mesh (12-45 Pounds), Semi structured baby carrier for hot weatherN$$$

What is a summer baby carrier?

A summer baby carrier is a carrier that is specifically studied to be worn in hot weather.

They tend to have the same characteristics and shapes than all season baby carriers however, they have a special emphasis on being lightweight and breathable and, in some cases, suitable for getting into the water (in that case they are called water baby carriers or water slings).

In most cases, summer baby carriers are less padded than all season or winter ones and they are made with at least some mesh inserts and mostly breathable material to keep both you and your baby comfortable.

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Mother on a beach with baby in baby carrier and text: chosen by a mom: best baby carriers for hot weather and water baby carriers for the pool and the beach

What are water baby carriers?

Water baby carriers are carriers that are studies to come with you in water, may it be the pool or the sea.

They are very handy to keep your hands free and therefore keep you stable walking or standing in water and they are fantastic if you have more than one child.

Keeping both a baby and a toddler safe at the beach or the pool is not easy and having the baby in the carrier and therefore your hands free will go a long way to help you keep them safe.

Water baby carriers can be semi structured, wrap slings or ring slings.

Good to know! Padding and water do not go hand in hand and a trade off of some sort is inevitable. This is why rather than an all round best summer carrier AND water carrier, I have several top picks for different scenarios. Some water slings are so budget friendly, you may even end up getting a summer carrier and a separate water sling without breaking the bank!

What to look for in a baby carrier for hot climate

When picking the best baby carrier for hot climate, may it be for a summer vacation, a hot summer at home or a day at the pool, we want the carrier to be:

Breathable – this is the main thing as air flow means you and baby stay comfortable and minimise the risk of overheating.

This is usually achieves by the use of mesh (full carrier or an insert), one of the best materials for summer carriers

Safe – meaning a carrier that matched safety regulations for good positioning of your baby spine, legs and hips

Lightweight and packable – this is particularly useful if you want to use the carrier on summer travel to as an occasional carrier to keep in your diaper bag

Quick dry – a must for water baby carrier and water slings

Comfortable – large shoulder straps, padded straps and soft material all make baby wearing in summer much easier and pleasant!

Best baby carriers for summer reviews

Bitybean compact baby carrier – best baby carrier for summer travel

A versatile and excellent carrier that is both a summer carrier and a water baby carrier is this BityBean Ultracompact summer carrier.

The carrier is designed for traveling families and it is super portable as it packs tiny!

It is so thin and light you fold it small a little like you would fold a k-way and you can store it in your handbag or travel diaper bag without fear of it occupying too much space.

The minimal padding makes it perfect for summer and can even come with you in the pool since it is made of mash and it designed to dry quickly.

The carrier allows for front and back carrying and it is especially suitable for smaller kids as the trade off for breathability is minimal padding on the shoulder straps.

Our verdict: a great, lightweight baby carrier for hot climates and summer vacations.

Boba Air summer baby carrier – best versatile summer and water carrier for baby

The Boba Air summer baby carrier is another versatile and compact baby carrier for hot weather and water.

The carrier is light and minimally padded, which means it keeps you cool and dries fast and it packs small, making it a very good conveniency carrier that you can have in your bag and use as needed.

Like the Bitybean, the light padding means you want to use this carrier occasionally more than all day long as the shoulder straps may become unfcomfortbale, especially if wearing bigger children.

Our verdict: a great breathable baby carrier for summer, lightweight and fast drying, perfect for baby wearing in summer and on vacation

Vlokup summer carrier – perfect baby sling for the pool

If you are looking for a baby sling for the pool, rather than a semi -structured carrier, them you may like this one by Vlokup, which is made of mash and designed for the water.

This is a wrap sling, comes in several colors and it is made of breathable polyester (with a touch of stretch) that dries quickly.

Sper light to carry, this is a great baby carrier for the pool or the beach and can be easily stored in your pool bag and used when needed.

For babies 8-35 lbs, it is machine washable so you can just toss it in the wash with the rest of the pool gear at the end of the day and have it clean and ready in no time.

Our verdict: great summer baby wrap, good breathable baby carrier for hot climates and wrap sling for the pool

Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier – best ring sling for hot weather

If you prefer ring slings to wrap carriers, then you should consider this one, again by Vlokup and designed for summer and water.

Made of polyester jersey, it has two large metal rings to keep it in place on your shoulders, it is breathable, lightweight and dries very quick so it is perfect for the pool and the sea.

For babies 8-30 lbs. Machine washable.

Ring Sling Mesh Baby Wrap Carrier – best budget water baby sling for swimming pool and beach

A super lightweight and budget friendly water ring sling is this one by Clothink that is perfect if you are looking for a low cost piece of gear for the occasional day at the pool rather that an all day summer carrier.

Made of polyester, this is a ring sling that can go into water and dries fast and that is a good option for showering with baby (for instance in hotels with no bath tub to at the pool) or to enter the water safely via the pool steps that may require your hands or on the shore.

Konny Baby wrap summer carrier

The Konny Baby summer carrier is a lightweight, breathable summer carrier for newborns and infants/toddlers up to to 44 lbs.

It is made of Polyester (87%) and Spandex (13%) and it is has a nice shape that combines a semi structured back to help it sit properly on you and a wrap front to keep baby snug.

Several light/ pastel colors available, perfect for summer.

The Konny Baby Carrier comes with its own ecofriendly pouch and so it is easy to store and travel with.

Angel baby – best baby carrier with hip seat

A good summer baby carrier with hip seat it this one by Angel Baby, which combines the breathability of a mash carrier with the possibility of use just the hip seat and take the strain away from your shoulders.

The carrier is made of cotton and mesh and secures around your hips with buckles.

The part around your hips is not made of mash and it is nicely padded but the top part of the carrier that wraps around your baby is light and breathable, which makes it good for the hot season.

A valid alternative is this mesh baby carrier with hip seat by MagicBaby, which has a mesh front that makes is a good carrier for hot weather.

Ergo Baby 360 carrier with mesh insert – fabulous Ergo carrier for hot climate

I love ergo baby carriers however I did find their organic cotton one a little hot for summer so I loved to discover they have a cooler mesh version just for summer!

This one has all the cool features of the standard Ergo Baby carriers (nice padded shoulder straps, chest/back strap, supportive hip belt with easy to operate buckets) however it has a central panel made of mesh that makes it perfect for warmer weather.

It also Includes UPF 50+ tuckaway baby hood that helps protecting them from the sun and offers some coverage if breastfeeding.

Compared with water carriers in this list, this is more comfortable for walking because of the additional padding however, it will not come into water with you.

This is a great main carrier if you live in hot weather most of the year while for the occasion trip to the beach you may still need a separate water carrier.

I hope you found this quick list of the best baby carriers for summer we found and it helped you find one that works for you!

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