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How to pick a family vacation rental home: 11 tried and tested tips

dining table

How to pick a family vacation rental: our practical tips for choosing a vacation home that is right for your needs. Vacation rentals can be a fantastic accommodation options for families. Compared with a hotel, a vacation home tends to provide families with more space, independence, and the option to cook, often a great way[…]

15 essential tips for flying long haul with kids

kids in airport

Our tried and tested tips for tacking a long-haul flight with kids. Advice and strategies that work for us. Flying long haul with children can be daunting. Staying in an enclosed space for hours is unnatural for a little one and the worry of them getting upset, causing distress to self and others is real.[…]

How to pick a family-friendly hotel for your next family vacation

woman hands on laptop booking a vacation

How to pick a family-friendly hotel: our tried and tested tips for picking a kid-friendly hotel, what services you need and what questions to ask before booking. Before we had kids, our choice of hotel was pretty straightforward: as long as location and price were ok, we were good to go! Traveling with kids changed[…]

35 Beach snacks for kids and kid-friendly beach food ideas + recipes you will love

beach picnic food

Beach food for kids: ideas and recipes for great beach snacks for kids and beach friendly meals and picnic ideas. Family days on the beach are great fun but they make kids so hungry, you need to make sure you are prepared! The sea, sun, and stimulation from the beach environment turn my kids into[…]

Great travel snacks for toddlers: ideas for families on the go

table with cups of snacks for toddler: banana, berries, hummus, nuts

Great travel snacks for toddlers: toddler snack ideas for day outs, the beach, road trips hiking and plane travel. Snacks appear on all my tips for traveling with kids, may they be about a trip to the beach or an international flight because, let’s be honest: ‘hangry’ toddlers are a thing! Snacks for toddlers are[…]

Beach essentials for toddlers for a perfect day on the sand

toddler on beach wearing sun protection clothing and sunhat

Beach essentials for toddlers: what you need for a day on the beach with toddlers. Day at the beach with toddler packing list. The beach can be lots of fun for toddlers. The water, sand and sun are great stimulants for them and there are plenty of opportunities for them to explore, experience and have[…]

How to tackle long car rides with toddlers

road trip toys feature image: car on road trip

Practical, realistic, tried and tested tips for tackling car rides with toddlers. Tackling long car rides with toddlers requires two things: patience and gear! No matter how many tips for road trips with toddlers you may read or how many toddler car ride must haves you get hold off, there is no doubt that a[…]

How to plan a family road trip: tips and hacks for road tripping with kids

Road to Monument Valley Arizona Utah

How to plan a family road trip with kids: essential tips for planning a family road-tripping vacation. Family road trips are my favorite type of vacation however, they are also the most time consuming to plan. I love creating itineraries so the many evenings spent checking maps, roads, stops and roadside attractions feel like a[…]

Tips for hiking with kids: how to make hiking with toddlers and young kids fun for them (and you!)

kids on hiking trail in Zion Canyon USA

Tips for hiking with kids: how to make hiking with toddlers and young kids fun for them and you Going on family hikes has been a great resource for us in the last few years both at home and abroad however, getting our kids to enjoy hiking did not happen overnight. For the longest time,[…]

Camping with toddlers: essential tips and checklist for parents

camping with toddlers in Mont Tremblant

Trying and tested tips for camping with toddlers: essential camping tips for a first family camping trip. Going camping with toddlers for the first time may feel daunting however, it can also be a lot of fun. I think of toddlers as ‘natural born campers’. If your toddler is anything ike mine, they are likely[…]

Italy with a baby or toddler: all you need to know for a first trip to Italy with baby – by an Italian mom!

Me on the beach with our first travel pushchair

All you need to know to plan a trip to Italy with a baby: best places to visit in Italy with baby, where to buy baby gear in Italy and practical tips for a baby friendly Italy vacation. Italy is a wonderful destination for a young family. The country is famous for having a family[…]