Today for our family travel gear series we are looking at the Deuter Kikki Backpack, the colourful toddler backpack by Deuter. The Kikki backpack looks super cute with its duck shaped flap, but is it a good? We love it and find it perfect for little explorers. This is our Deuter Kikki backpack review.

It was the end of our first day in Yosemite National Park and we were browsing the local shop for souvenirs and supplies before heading back to out cabin.

Suddenly, I hear my kids shouting ‘Duckies!!!!!!!’ and see them dashing from one end of the shop to the other, where they proceed to hug a little backpack hanging from its display.

I didn’t need to look twice: I knew the kids had found the super cute duck-shaped Kikki backpacks and I knew we wouldn’t leave the shop without them!

What are the Deuter Kikki backpacks?

You may already be familiar with these small kids rucksack but if you are not, let me introduce them to you. They are small rucksack for to toddlers and kids made by Deuter, one of the leading backpacks brands worldwide.

Here are their main specs:

  • Kikki by Deuter toddler backpack is a 6 L capacity backpack for small kids, designed to resemble an exotic bird
  • It weighs 340 gr (so it is light) and its dimensions are 35 x 20 x 16 cm, according to manufacturers instructions
  • Kikki is made of an eco friendly fabric material, it has a breathable foam back and a chest strap that helps it stay in place and sit correctly on the kids’ shoulders
  • It has a main compartment with an inside open pocket and a two external pockets with Velcro straps

Kikki Deuter toddler backpack in blue, pink, green and a detail of its back

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What can you fit into a Kikki toddler backpack?

The Deuter Kikki backpack has a capacity of 6lt  which may sound small but is actually perfect for small kids.

It is the kind of capacity that means the children can carry their daily essentials without being literally weighted down by them. This is good for their posture and also for you: a backpack that stays on is a backpack you don’t have to carry!

Our children use their backpacks for both school, hikes and day bag when we travel and are able to fit their necessities.

Please note: make sure your kids are never carrying backpacks that are too heavy for them. I found some good info here but please ask your doctor should you have any doubts about back safety.

As a school bag

As  mentioned, we use these backpacks for school  and they contain:Kids homework (mine have 2 small books), pencil case, lunch box and tissues in the main compartment, plus water in the outside pockets. This leaves still a good bit of room for a small toy or extras the kids may have to bring to school or to store, for instance, a jumper.

On a hike

Kikki carries for us a teddy, a snack and water and extras such as sunglasses/sunhat/scarf etc

As a day pack

We usually fit into kikki a change of clothes, a snack and a teddy plus a small bottle of water in the external pocket.

Mr M and Little Ms E wearing their Kikki Toddler backpack while in Muir Woods

Kikki is a toddler backpack but my kids are still wearing it now that they are 5 and 7.


What kids love about their Deuter small backpack

The most attractive aspect of the Deuter kikki backpacks for kids is how cute they look.

The rucksacks come in several colours (shades of blue, green and pink) but they all resemble exotic birds: the flap closing the main compartment of the bag is shaped like a big yellow beak and it is decorated with two expressive eyes that really make the rucksack look like a little companion.

Our kids adore the bags and call them the ‘duckies’ – buying them has made a huge difference in how we travel as now the kids demand to carry their own stuff just to be able to have the bag on -not a small accomplishment!

What adults love about the Kikki kids backpacks

I would be lying if I said that the look of the kikkis wasn’t a majour reason for the purchase. I find them super cute and even after monhts of daily use I find myself slowing down and allowing the kids to walk ahead of me just to see how sweet they look with their litte  duck shaped gear!

Look aside, there are a couple more elements that make Kikki a great purchase.

First, the chest strap. It may look like a small thing but it makes a big difference: the strap keeps the backpack in place which means the kids don’t have to constantly pull at it and I don’t have to constantly pick it up from the children’s shoulders!

Also, kikki is easy to wash. We use our kikkis every day, to go to school and at the weekend, and they get a good bit of battering. Despite this, they are super resistant, after a year ours are still perfect: all it takes is a quick wash with normal soap to have them as good as new.

Last but not least, I love that we are still using the Kikkis now that the kids are older. When we bought them, we thought a toddler backpack wouldn’t suit older kids but at 5 and 7 my two are still wearing the Kikkis with great satisfaction.

For us, it was a great purchase. Do you have a favourite toddler backpack?

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