Best all terrain strollers and jogging strollers for active families

all terrain stroller pushed by jogging parent

All you need to know to buy the best all-terrain stroller or jogging stroller for travel and everyday. Best off-road strollers by brand and things to look for when choosing an all-terrain pushchair.

All terrain strollers and jogging strollers are great for families who like to be on the go.

They are one of the most useful pieces of baby gear if you like days out and travel but they are also excellent for days near home.

They are so versatile, they are one of the best options if you want to invest in one stroller only and bar some situations that may call for a different type of purchase (like wanting a carry-on stroller for the plane), you can use them pretty much exclusively anywhere.

I first came across 3 wheel strollers (all-terrain and jogging) while looking for a great travel stroller.

I was searching for a pushchair that would work on the cobbled streets of Rome, the Italian Alps and the occasional walk on the beach and I quickly realized than more that travel stroller, it was a so-called all terrain stroller that would fit the bill.

I had always thought that al terrain strollers were for very adventurous families and joggers however, I quickly realized I was wrong. 

While all terrain pushchairs are indeed great if you are a sporty parent, they are also perfect for people like me, who may not be super sporty but do find themselves tackling different types of terrains, such as city streets, parks and the occasional outdoor pursuit.

I know for instance that in Rome, land of cobbles and uneven terrains, off road strollers have saved the back of my kids (and my own) several times and they have also come in handy when traveling, when some of the attractions we had on our itinerary where outdoor and not equipped with stroller ramps.

In my quest for the perfect stroller, I came across many that were good and that ended up being my favorites.

This is my shortlist of the best all terrain strollers and jogging strollers for travel and everyday and every day.

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Top all terrain strollers and jogging strollers chart

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Name of productTypeWeigth
Phil & Teds – click here for specsAll terrain single or in line double stroller35lb
Baby Trend Jogger StrollerSingle all terrain jogger stoller27.5 lb
Baby Trend expedition double strollerSide-by-side double jogger stroller all terrain34 lb
Britax B FreeSingle stroller with all terrain rubber wheels31.4lb
Baby Jogger City Mini GTSingle all terrain stroller perfect for travel21.4 lb
Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging strollerSingle jogging stroller25.3 lb
Baby trend expedition jogger strollerSingle jogger stroller25.5 lb
BOB revolution Flex 3Jogger/all terrain stroller28.5 lb

Please note: this post contains affiliate links and, should you make a purchase through them, we might make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

The best all terrain strollers: top picks at a glance

This is my shortlist of the best all-terrain pushchairs.

The first two are those we owned ourselves, while the others are models we took into consideration on our search and that friends have recommended.

Click on the links for price and official specs or keep reading 

1 Phil & Teds sport  – best all-terrain stroller for travel and every day. Perfect for growing family as can quickly be adapted from single to double. This is also one of our favorite double stroller for travel.

Good to know: we found all the Phil & Teds model with 3 inflatable wheels excellent as all terrain strollers, if you prefer a slightly different look/color!

2 Baby Trend Range Jogger stroller Millennium – great single all terrain stroller, excellent for daily walks and with the option to use is as travel system (car seat and pram compatible)

3 Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller – best side by side double jogging stroller for sporty parents

4 Britax B Freebest everyday and travel all terrain pram for parents who want a versatile pram for home and travel without compromising size

5 GT City Minibest lightweight all terrain stroller for traveling parents

What is an all terrain stroller

All terrain strollers or off road prams are strollers made specifically to tackle different types or terrain, from country roads to pavements to shopping mall floors.

They usually have large, air-filled tires, 3 or 4 in numbers with swivel motion at the front and they tend to have good suspensions to protect from possible bumps while walking. 

All terrain strollers tend to be bigger than a standard lightweight stroller and are not always suitable for newborns or car seat compatible so they may not work for you if you are looking for a travel system.

However, they can be handy for older babies and they usually make for a pleasant pushing experience for you and your child.

They are also a good choice if you are looking to downsize from several strollers to one since you know you can count on them not letting you down in most situations. 

Is an all terrain stroller the same as a jogging stroller?

Despite similar looks and characteristics, all terrain strollers are not the same as jogging strollers.

Jogging strollers are designed for exercise and tend to be lighter than all terrain ones, with smaller storage and usually have a triangular configuration with one wheel at the front and two at the back.  

Off terrain pushchairs on the other hand tend to be heavier and with bigger storage and not intended for jogging or exercising as such, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

Who are all terrain strollers good for

All terrain strollers are a good choice for families who want the peace of mind of a stroller that can take walks in the country, days on the beach, snow days as well as trips to the mall and city pavement.

They are not however suitable if you are a runner or plan on taking on jogging with your baby.

While an all terrain stroller would be able to take the terrain conditions, purpose-made jogging strollers are more suitable for that task and more efficient.

What to look for when choosing an off road pushchair

When looking for an off road pushchair I recommend you look at:


Even more than standard strollers, all terrain stroller must be safe for you and your child.

Before buying, check the safety standards and certifications provided by the manufacturer, the materials chosen and the quality of the suspensions.

If looking for a travel system, double check that the stroller you are looking at is compatible with your car seat of choice.

Opt for a 5 point harness model so you can be sure your child is as safe as they can be when strapped into their chair.


All terrain strollers usually have big-ish wheels that are air-filled. This is great as they allow for smoother rides and an easier pushing experience for you.

Some strollers have both front and back wheel inflatable while others have a smaller wheel at the front. Both can work and I found both options efficient.

I did find however important to have a front-wheel that swivels, as it helps tackling uneven terrain.

Age suitability

Always check the age suitability for your stroller and make sure the model you are looking at is suitable for a newborn if this fits your need.

Things to look for are, among others, the ability to fully flatten the seat and the presence of a suitable harness (always check manufacturer’s instructions though, looks can be deceiving!) 

Adjustable handlebar

Being able to adjust the height of the pushing bar is paramount when looking for an all terrain stroller.

A bar that is too low or too high can play havoc with your posture, especially on rough terrains or if you are out and about several hours. 

Adjustable handles also allows to spread the pushing task between you and your partner if, like me, you are with someone with a significantly different height than you! 

Sun/rain protection

Since you will be using the stroller about and about, you want to make sure it comes with gear that will help to protect your child from sun and rain.

A sun canopy with UV protection is a good start but a detachable rain cover is also handy.

While you can get universal ones, a cover made specifically for your stroller is likely to fit better and minimizes the chance of it slipping or catching in the tires.


I always look at good storage in a stroller and this is even more necessary in an all terrain one, that is supposed to stay out with you for hours.

I like strollers with a large basket best and prefer to those that come with a bag at the back as I find them more stable and all around handier to push. 

The best all terrain strollers: our picks

Phil & Teds sport – most versatile all terrain stroller single to double in line

I open this list of favorite all terrain prams with the stroller we ourselves used when my daughter came along, the Phil & Teds. 

You can read the manufacturer’s specs here

We had it as a double all terrain stroller and were very happy with it both in the city and on rougher terrains.

This stroller has a triangular frame with 3 wheels, it is sturdy but really easy to push even with two children on it.

The long handlebar means you can push with one hand without losing your trajectory and the inflatable wheels make for a smooth ride.

The handlebar is adjustable and has a high and low position, handy to accommodate parents of different heights

The main seat is spacious and if you use this as a single all terrain stroller you will find it has plenty of room both for your child and your stuff: the basket is pretty spacious and once I added a stroller hook to the handle, I had all the storage I ever needed.

Storage space is inevitably smaller when you add the seat for the second child. Their feet rest in the basket so you will have less storage space and shoes can make stuff dirty. However, my kids were happy with the space available to them and I found a stroller hook an easy and inexpensive solution.

We found the Phil and Teds all terrain stroller wheels very smooth and I liked that I could take them off easily whenever needed for a car ride or to board a plane.

Over the course of the years, we had to repair two punctures but we could do it at the local bike shop for less than 5 euro so that was handy!

This all terrain pushchair is rather big so as a single stroller can be a bit bulky when traveling however, it is so versatile (it goes from pram, to single buggy to double stroller) and it is so easy to push, it completely makes up for it. 

Phil and Teds Specs:

  • All Terrain wheels
  • Lie flat seat suitable from birth (age suitability Birth to 5 years)
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Foot break
  • Max Load: 15kg / 33lb
  • Product weight: 12kg / 26.4lbs

Baby Trend Range Jogger Millennium – best all terrain stroller for active families

The Baby Trend Jogger is an excellent all terrain and jogging stroller for everyday walks and days out.

This is a 3 wheel stroller with all terrain tires and it is compatible with same brand car seats, which is super handy if you want a versatile travel system.

This is a good all terrain stroller with:

  • Lightweight steelframe
  • Large storage basket
  • Trays for parents and child
  • Extra wide rubber handle
  • Adjustable canopy
  • All terrain cmposite tires with lockable front swivel wheel
  • Easy fold
  • Adjustable positions for child comfort

Click here for exact specs and purchase options.

Out & About – best all terrain double stroller, side by side

I am familiar with Out and About strollers thanks to a friend who got it for her children and couldn’t get over how amazing an offroad stroller it is!

Out and about is a 3 wheel single or double all terrain stroller built specifically for easy family days out. 

Its wheels that make for a smooth ride, a long handle for easy pushing and it is pretty versatile going from newborn to toddler (the main seat can lie fully flat)

This stroller comes in both single and double versions and the double version is surprisingly nimble.

The seats are side by side and the overall width of the stroller is small enough to pass through standard doors although it also manages to stay spacious enough to be very comfortable for your child/ children.

Out and About Specs:

  • Dimension (Single) 61.5cm(W) x 97cm(H) x 116cm(L)
  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • Maximum load: 22kg (50lb)
  • Age suitability: newborn to 4 years approx.
  • Adjustable handle
  • Travel system and carry cot compatible
  • Independent rear suspension
  • Pedal break

Britax B Free – great all terrain pushchair for everyday and travel

I first encountered Britax product when we got our first car seat, which served us very well for a very long time and then got familiar with their stroller thanks to friends who have a Britax B Free and found it excellent.

Click here for official specs and price

She uses it on the cobbled streets of Rome and found it comfortable both for her child and her back, something that cannot be said for many other strollers and makes this a strong contender as best all terrain perfect for travel! 

The Britax B Free is a sturdy stroller with a good frame and the 3 wheels signature of the all terrain pushchair and has a spacious seat and good storage. 

This is a sturdy stroller that works great as an everyday main stroller and also on travel (gate check): while this is not the lightest travel stroller, it is a good one if you want to have the freedom to tackle different types of terrain and want a full-size stroller for extra comfort.

Britax specs

  • Weight 22lb (about 10 kg)
  • All terrain rubber tires
  • Suitable from birth to 65lb
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Large canopy
  • Easy folding system

You can read more about it here

GT City Mini – best all terrain stroller for traveling

The GT Mini is a favorite of traveling families as it is reasonably lightweight and portable and it is also a great everyday and travel stroller with all-terrain wheels that do well on most surfaces.

You can read specs and cost here

The seat can lie flat, there is a reasonable amount of storage and there is an adjustable handlebar.

The GT mini has a large canopy which is great when you are out and about and you can also buy separately a specific rain cover. 

Weight: 22.49 lb

  • Hand operated break
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Seat lies to near flat position
  • Age suitability 
  • UV System sun canopy
  • Option to use as travel system

You can read specs and cost here

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

The Baby Trend Expedition is jogging stroller with 3 large bike-style wheels suitable for virtually all types of terrain and surfaces.

The front swivel wheel can be locked into position and the larger back wheels make the pushing feel stable and easy.

The seat is padded, has a 5 point harness and reclines nicely but not flat so this stroller is recommended for 6 months and up.

For comfort and convenient, this jogger stroller has a sun canopy, nice basket and a handy cup holder for parents and child.

Specs at a glance:

  • Jogger stroller with bike-style wheels
  • Reclinable seat
  • Cop holder for parents and baby tray
  • Easy to fold for travel
  •  Footrest reflectors for visibility
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Lightweight rugged steel frame

Find all specs and prices here.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging stroller

The Thule Urban Glide is a lightweight, all-terrain stroller and jogging stroller with a sleek design that makes it suitable for outdoor adventure but also the city.

It has an ergonomic, adjustable handlebar with twist hand brake, an easy to recline seat you can manoeuvre with one hand, a front lockable swivel wheel and storage basket with a cool zip top cover, perfect to keep your gear safe when moving.

Something that makes this model stand out from others on the list and even from previous models by the same brand is the option of attaching a baby bassinet, making this a good option also for walks with a newborn.

Main specs of this jogging stroller are:

  • Sturdy triangular shape
  • Large back wheels with suspension and from swivel/lock wheel
  • One handed compact fold perfect for travel
  • Versatile design for both outdoors and city
  • Hand and foot break

Find more specs and price here

BOB Revolution Flex 3 Jogging Stroller

The Bob Revolution Flex is the best all off road pushchair if you are planning on going on sand and gravel road.

We have seen it in action on the beach and we were really impressed as it manages to get places that were simply not accessible to pretty much any other buggy!

Like others in the list, this has a triangular shape, air filled tires with suspension system and an adjustable handlebar that makes it comfortable for parents of different heights.

The stroller has a nice storage basket, good canopy, several storage pockets. Despite the size and weight this stroller is easy to fold so it can come with you in the back of the car for use on active holidays and days out of town.

Main specs:

  • 3 air filled wheels
  • Good suspension system
  • Foot break
  • Padded seat, lies near flat
  • Car seat compatible with most brand car seats if using with BOB infant car seat adapter (sold separately)
  • Lightweight aluminium frame

Handy accessories for you all terrain stroller

No matter how good an all terrain stroller is, you may find yourself wishing for more accessories.

Stroller protective bags, trays, hooks and rain covers are those I like best and don’t forget to get a good waterproof stroller footmuff for winter adventures.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of our favorite all-terrain strollers and jogging strollers fora active families and it helped you find the best one for you.

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