Off the beaten path Italy: lesser know stunning places in Italy to stay away from the crowds

Italy off the beaten path. Lesser-known places in Italy for relaxing vacation away from the crowds

Italy is a powerhouse of international tourism and with places such as Venice, Tuscany, Florence, it is easy to see why.

While all these places are stunning and among the most beautiful in Italy in the world, they do unfortunately come with the downside of often being very busy, which is not always what you want, when looking at a vacation place. 

So today I thought of sharing some lesser-known places in Italy that are beautiful but good to escape the crowds.

The best way to see Italy and avoid the crowds is to rent a car and book private accommodation in the countryside from where to take day trips

At the end of this post, you will find my tried and tested resources for a trip to Italy off the beaten path. I hope they will come in handy when planning your trip!

Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life — Anna Akhmatova, Russian Poet

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Italy off the beaten path: best places to visit in Italy while staying away from the crowds.

Pitigliano, Val Venosta, Scilla and Gaeta photo collage with overlay text: Italy off the beaten path, perfect places for an Italian vacation away from the crowds

Val Venosta: crowd-free Mountain paradise

Italy has stunning mountain scenery, so beautiful Unesco has recognized the Dolomites and world heritage site as a place of outstanding natural beauty

The Dolomites are one of my favorite destinations in Italy and a place of the heart for me: I spent all my childhood summers there and now I recommend a holiday here as one of the best things to do in Italy with kids as well as without!

Lake Resia and its half  submerged bell tower

However, especially in recent years, they have become really popular and some spots ever gained Instagram fame (and an inevitable surge in the number of visitors)

However, there is more to the Italian Alps than the Dolomites and it often doesn’t take to go that far from them to escape the busiest spots. 

Val Venosta is the perfect example of this. Here you have stunning valleys, glaciers, pretty homes, hiking opportunities and all you can expect from the perfect mountain destination in Italy, less the price tag and the crowds!

You need a car to explore but if you do, you can visit pretty Merano, the submerged bell tower or Lake Resia, hike to your heart content and relax in this quiet lend of alpine beauty and small villages and apple tree orchards! 

Western Liguria

Liguria is home to one of the prettiest and most popular destinations in the whole in Italy, the string of 5 colorful villages of Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre are stunning yet they get so many visitors, especially in spring and summer, that are a hard place when you are trying to avoid physical contact and crowds. 

toddler on empty sandy beach

However, it is still possible to get a taste of Liguria without the crowds and all it takes is to go to the Western part of the region.

Here, in the area of Diano, close to the French border, you have lovely inland agriturismo which mix the quiet of the countryside with easy access to the sea and many pretty villages and gorgeous sandy beaches.

Le Marche 

Le Marche hardly ever appears on the list of the best places to visit in Italy however, once you go you can only think this is because Italians want to keep them from themselves, not because of lack of beauty!

The truth is that Le Marche region is amazing.

riviera del Conero, marche, beach view with town in the distance

Here you have Riviera del Conero, a stunning stretch of coastline with crystal clear waters and white beaches, lovely agriturismo with large gardens and swimming pools and also lovely towns.

Urbino with its university and the stunning castle is here and it is a sight to behold! 

Southern Tuscany

Tuscany sees a lot of tourism but you can still easily escape the crowds if you drive to lesser known locations.

Monticchiello and San Quirico d’Orcia don’t get as many tourists as Monteriggioni or San Gimignano but are at least as beautiful.

if you love hot springs, you may be happy to hear that you don’t have to go to beautiful but busy Saturnia but you can get a good thermal soak without the crowds in other locations nearby.

You can find our full guide to hot springs in Tuscany here and how to include all these lesser known places in your Tuscany itinerary here.


Lazio is the region of Rome and is often considered a sort of fly-over land, a place you need to cross to get to either Tuscany (north of Rome) or Campania (Pompeii and Amalfi Coast, to the South), basically an annoying space between Rome and Florence.

However, Lazio has a lot to offer to visitors and also comes with an advantage: prices much lower than nearby Tuscany or Rome (both more than worth seeing of course)! 

Stunning, quiet places to visit are Sperlonga, a wonderful seaside town with whitewashed alleys and a beautiful family-friendly sandy beach.

Whitewashed alley in Sperlonga with red flowers

Gaeta, another fantastic locality along the coast, with the beautiful Serapo beach, a nice city center and many sightseeing opportunities in the area.

The area of Civita di Bagnoregio, the perfect place to get a villa with a swimming pool and explore at your own pace and has some gems such as Civita itself, Bolsena, Ronciglione, Calcata, Casperia, Tuscania and better known Orvieto.

The whole area of Tuscia, closer to Tuscany, which offers an intoxicating mix of beaches, nature walks and sightseeing opportunities that rivals that of much better-known areas. 


Campania is the region of Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast and parts of it can get really crowded.

Minori Italy, street

However, there are still spots you can explore with ease!

Minori is a lovely town on the Costiera that gets a fraction of the visitors more famous Positano and Amalfi town receive and it is perfect to enjoy the areas.

Capri gets busy but all it takes is to get the bus to Anacapri to escape the crowds!

If Pompeii or the Valley of Temples in Sicily is too much to take, I highly recommend you opt for Paestum instead: it is a Greek/Roman ancient town with stunning temples that will have you pinch yourself, they are so unique!


Abruzzo, a little bit like nearby Marche and Molise, is one of those regions that gets little attention but packs a punch in terms of natural beauty.

Come here in winter to see the picture-perfect mountain villages that look like nativity scenes or in spring and summer to enjoy the views of the Gran Sasso, the highest peak of the Appennines. 

Make sure you also taste arrosticini, the meat specialty of the region too: they are tiny skewers of lamb meet and they are delicious!

Puglia/ Apulia

The Italian book heel, Puglia, is now well known to international tourism however, it is still very much a place where you can get away from the crowds. 

There is so much to see here, you can pretty much point to any place on the map and be sure to be in a good location!

One of the most famous places in Puglia is Alberobello and indeed, you do find crowds here usually.

Close up of trulli in Alberobello

However, all it takes is to drive 10 minutes and you find yourself in a peaceful, crowd-free world.

We were there in November last and fell in love with Trani, Locorotondo and Martina Franca, devoided of visitors and stunning!

You can see how full itinerary through the South of Italy here


Ignored by international tourism and, let’s be honest, often by Italians too, Molise is where you find the true off the beaten track Italy

The only region in this article I myself have not visited properly, I believe it belongs in this list as the best place in Italy to escape from it all (plus, Campobasso, Isernia and Termoli look amazing!)

Termoli Molise, fishing pier


The tip of the Italian boot is a very varied place with nondescript town followed by stunning ones you will never want to leave, such as Scilla and Tropea.

You may have heard of Scylla in the myth of Scylla and Charybdis but this small town on the edge of Italy is no monster.

Quite the opposite actually! This is a small gem and one of the most beautiful places yo visit in Calabria, the point of Italy’s boot

view of Scilla, Calabria
The city of Scilla in the Province of Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Tropea is in Calabria and more precisely sits at the top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea, stunningly blue in this part of Italy.

Legends want Tropea to have been founded by Hercules and its ancient origins gave it a beautiful town center that blends in perfectly with the area’s beautiful beaches.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of lesser-known places in Italy and it helped you find a hidden gem in Italy you can call home during your vacation!

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