Tuscany hot springs and thermal baths in Tuscany you will love

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Tuscany hot springs: Free hot springs in Tuscany and thermal baths in Tuscany you will love: a handpicked selection of the best destinations in Tuscany for hot springs lovers

If you love hot springs and thermal baths, then Tuscany can be the perfect Italian destination for you.

Famous for its rich cultural history, rolling hills and stunning food, Tuscany is often associated with hittlop villages and wineries however, tuscany also have lovely hot waters, that visitors can enjoy in the form of free hot springs or well equipped thermal stations.

We love a good soak in thermal water and always make sure you had a stop to a local hot spring whenever planning our Tuscany itinerary (we go ever year, so we do that a lot!

This is our guide to the best hot springs in Tuscany and thermal baths destinations.

Good to know: the names of the localities often give away their thermal baths vocation. In Italian Bagni = Baths and Terme= thermal baths!

Best Tuscany hot springs chart

Name Type of thermal bath ProvinceFree
Saturnia Thermal SpringsNatural hot spring baths / Full SpaGrossetoY/N
Bagni San FilippoNatural hot springSiena Y
Thermal baths of PetrioloNatural hot springSienaY
San Casciano dei BagniNatural hot springSienaY
Bagno VignoniThermal baths and spaSienaN
Chianciano Terme Thermal baths TuscanyThermal baths and spaSienaN
Venturina and Sassetta thermal bathsThermal baths and spaLivornoN
Montecatini TermeThermal baths and spaPistoiaN
Rapolano TermeThermal baths and spaSienaN

Free hot springs in Tuscany

Saturnia hot springs – best free hot springs in Tuscany

The hot springs of Saturnia, or Cascate del Mulino as they are also called, are the first that come to mind when thinking about Tuscany thermal springs as hey are the most famous and, under many respects, the most scenic.

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany

Saturnia is a locality in the South of Tuscany and it is the one you have most likely seen in photos.

This is the place where you have thermal waters gently coming down a slope, forming small pools of translucent water where people can soak while taking in the views of the tuscan countryside around them.

The place is in real life as magical as it seems in photos.

The water in Saturnia flows at about 37.5C degrees, just above body temperature, and in winter, you can see the steam raising form the little pools, adding a touch of magic and mystique to the place.

The sprigs are immediately off a main road and are say to access thanks to a large path and a good parking where you can easily leave your car.

These are free hot spring and therefore little or no facilities are available. In the busy season (and it can get really busy here), you have a cafe with also toilets facilities but you do not find changing station or treatments.

This is a natural hot spring so you are effectively bathing in a river!

If you prefer to enjoy the benefits of this thermal waters in a more organised fashion, the Saturnia Thermal Complex is nearby.

You can learn how to visit Saturnia hot springs here.

Bagni San Filippo: free, scenic hot springs in Tuscany

Another wonderful location for hot springs in tuscany is Bagni San Filippo, a small place in Val d’Orcia, close to the towns of Pienza and San Quirico.  

Like Saturnia, Bagni San Filippo is a place where you can access hot springs for free and enjoy the waters while immersed in nature.

Bagni San Filippo Natural hot springs Tuscany
Terme San Filippo, Bagni San Filippo, Tuscany, in the province of Siena, Italy

Here, the hot water here flows through a wood and part of the beauty of the experience is that you can soak in water while protected by the sun by the large canopy of trees above you.

The other thing that makes Bagni San Filippo special is the white sediment carried by the waters here.

As the limescale settles on the local soil, its forms incredible white rock formation that make the place look as if it was covered in snow!

The result is stunning and the place popular. A good car park serves the area and the spring is only a short walk away. 

These are the best free hot springs in Tuscany f you are looking to be immersed in nature. Just be aware that the place can get busy: come during the week or early in the morning for the best experience and try to avoid the summer.

Free hot springs of Petriolo

Petriolo is another hot springs locality in Tuscany where you can bathe for free.

The thermal baths at Petriolo have been known since ancient times and have always been appreciated for the hot water that gushes out here at about 40C degrees – much warmer than body temperature and a real delight, especially considering the lovely nature around you!

Good to know: due to the popularity of the location, come early in the morning or will find the main pool already busy! Try and avoid the summer for the best experience: 40C water is very hot on a summer day but delightful on a cold winter afternoon!

San Casciano dei Bagni

San Casciano del Bagni is another wonderful location with natural hot springs that visitors can enjoy for free.

The area has been known for its thermal waters since ancient Roman times and the set up of the place bears witness to his long history of use: here, you bathe in large ancient stone pools, where water flows art over 40C degrees!

Access is free and there is parking nearby. Like other natural hot springs in this list, the thermal baths o San Casciano are a free bathing area so don’t expect changing facilities etc – just a lovely soak in natural settings!

Best thermal baths and thermal towns in Tuscany

As well as free hot springs, Tuscany also has many thermal towns and thermal baths and spas where you can have a wonderful relaxing stay, for the day, the weekend or longer.

These are some of the best location in Tuscany for thermal treatments.

Bagno Vignoni – thermal baths in Tuscany Val D’Orcia

Bagno Vignoni is a tiny, stunning village in Val d’Orcia famous for its hot thermal waters and a central square entirely occupied by a hot water pool!

main square in Bagno Vignoni, Italy

The village is entirely developed around the hot spring and it is now mostly a place with hotels, restaurants and thermal baths opportunities, however, this doesn’t mean it is a functional town only.

Bagno Vignoni is ancient and it is also wonderfully scenic: it is actually one of the most beautiful thermal villages you can ask for!

The best way to enjoy thermal baths in Bagno Vignoni is to get a day pass in one of the local hotels or, better, stay the night.

My favourite place for thermal baths in Bagno Vignoni is the hotel Pasta Marcucci, right beside the main square.

This is a lovely hotel with outdoor pools that overlook the hills of Val d’Orcia: it is the best place for a thermal bath with view I have ever encountered!

Good to know: Bagno Vignoni used to also have free thermal bath but bathing here is now prohibited. not the main pool and the river flowing at the bottom of the town are off limits – make sure you pay attention to the signs as fines can be steep.

You can find my tips on visiting Bagno Vignoni here. 

Chianciano Terme – thermal baths and treatments

Chianciano Terme is nice town in the South of Tuscany famous for well equipped thermal spas and centers, around which the modern town developed.

There are several establishments here offering treatments, some more geared towards health and more towards relaxation.

Our favorite is the Theia Thermal Baths, which we visited with the kids (it is a kid friendly thermal spa, with separate areas for kids and adults as well as common pools, very handy!)

This is a nice lovely, clean and modern bath house with stunning outdoor pools, a nice lawn area, a restaurants and a nice kids area, perfect for young families who don’t want to renounce them baths experience just because they have little ones.

You can get a hald day or evening pass and make a day out of it: all information about these baths are here

We went with the kids this summer and highly recommend going: these are among the best thermal baths in Tuscany and one of the things we recommend trying if visiting Tuscany with kids

Venturina and Sassetta Thermal Baths

Another fabulous place where to experience the relaxing effects of Tuscany hot springs is the Etruscan Coast, in the South of Tuscany, and precisely the area of Venturina and Sassetta.

The thermal establishments here are a delight and what makes the truly stand out is the beauty of the area around them and the variety of landscapes on your doorstep.

Within a range of few KM, you can enjoy here hilltop villages (Sassetta, Suvereto, Castagneto Carducci, Bolgheri just to name a few), enjoy wineries and even go to the beach!

You can find our full guide to the Etruscan Coast here.

Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme is one of the most famous thermal towns in Tuscany and Italy in general and it is best known for a stunning thermal complex, that has been in operation, in one form or another, since the renaissance!

the complex now takes up most the town center and it is stunning, characterises by elegant architecture but the whole town is devoted to water, fountains and water features abounding.

This is a lovely thermal town in Tuscany for a spa weekend. You can find info and prices here.

Rapolano terme

Rapolano Terme is a lovely thermal destination in Southern Tuscany with two thermal bath houses, with natural hot spring waters gushing out at 39C degrees.

the baths here are delightful and they are laid out to offer beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. You can find prices and info here.

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of the best Tuscany hot springs and thermal towns in Tuscany. Safe travel planning!

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