Best traveling bassinets: baby and toddler bassinets for travel you’ll love in 2023

Best travel bassinets: portable baby beds, toddler bassinet for travel and portable toddler beds buying guide for traveling families

Sleeping arrangements are often the hardest part of family travel planning.

Getting a baby to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings can be stressful and the cots hotels offer are not always a good solution.

Often wobbly, hotel cribs are never as clean as you would like them to be and especially with a young baby they often made me wish we had brought our own baby bed.

And so one day we did and never looked back.

Depending on the age of your baby or child you have several options of good sleeping solutions: travel bassinets for babies, toddler bassinets for travel, travel cribs (find good ones here) and portable toddlers beds.

In this post, we focus on travel bassinets, one of our baby must-have for travel.

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The best traveling bassinet: baby and toddler bassinet best buys at a glance

Best baby travel bassinet / Toddler bassinet brands and models TypeProduct weight 
 Brica Fold n go baby bassinetTravel Baby bassinet Up to 15 lb 2.45 lb
 Kidco Peapod traveling bassinetToddler bassinet 1-3 years 2.5 lb
 Kidco Peapod Plus older baby and toddler bassinetToddler Bassinet 1- 5 years3.5lb
Baby Delight go with me portable rocking bassinet for babyBaby Bassinet12 lb
Baby Delight infant sleeperBaby bed to go 0-5 months 2.8 lb
Scuddles 3-in-1 portable bassinet2-in-1 Baby bassinet1lb
Cosy Casa travel bassinet backpack2 in 1 baby bassinet up to 12 months3.37 lb
Beberoad new moon baby bassinetBaby bassinet up to 1 year of age6.59 lb
Chicco Lullago Portable BassinetBaby bassinet12lb
 Dream on me Traveler portable bassinetBaby bassinet 7.05 lb

Travel bassinettes – what are they and to choose the best?

These are the things to look for when picking the best traveling bassinet and the criteria we used for this selection

What is a baby travel bassinet

A portable bassinet is a travel sleeping solution for babies and toddlers that allows you to settle your child pretty much no matter where you are: nana’s house, hotel room, even while older siblings are having fun in the park!

Travel bassinets are small, portable baby travel beds, compact in size and are perfect anytime you have a child too young for a full on travel crib or need a handy and lightweight sleeping solution you can carry with you without any fuss.

How to choose the best traveling bassinet

A in infant bassinet for travel must be safe, portable and comfortable for baby.

Things to look for when choosing a portable bassinet for babies are:

Safety and security: is the travel bassinet safe?

Always make sure the travel bassinet is built according to the latest safety standard and approved materials.

Check specs for materials and quality seals and awards the bed and maker may have received and reliability of the body awarding them.

Portability: how easy is it to carry?

Portable bassinets come in different shapes and weights, some with a carry bag and some without.

Before choosing a traveling bassinet, consider what type of outing you will be using your travel bassinet: what can be handy on road trips may not meet airline standards for carryon luggage.

Always check with the airline if traveling by air with an infant, as regulations change often.

if opting for a portable bassinet without its own bag, check you have a suitable carrier at home first.

Ease of use

Is the bassinet machine washable? Does it come with a fitted sheet or maybe a travel bag? Is it easy to fold and unfold or fiddly?

A great bassinet for travel takes the stress away from being on the go, not add to it!

Comfort for baby

Many elements contribute to the comfort of your baby.

The quality of the mattress, their sleeping position (flat or slightly reclined), the possible rocking motion of their sleeping device, if / how much they are able to roll, just to name a few.

In my experience, my babies always got fussier while traveling than at home so for me sticking to a bassinet that mimics their home bed as always been the best option!

My two liked being slightly reclined rather than flat and were never fond of rocking, one liked a big bed and the other liked to feel contained… which is why in this round-up of travel bassinets and toddler travel beds I included several types.

I hope your baby likes them!

This post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase through them, we might make a small commission.

Best travel bassinets: travel baby beds we love

As Amazon associates, we earn from qualifying purchases

Brica fold ‘n go travel bassinet – a great baby bed for travel

One my favorite travel baby beds is the excellent Brica fold n go, a great travel bassinet for babies and can be used until they are about 15lb in weight about 3 months old. 

The Brica fold and go is easy to open and fold and has a handle to make it easy to carry.

Main specs of Brica fold n go travel bassinet

  • Mesh panels, breathable fabric, locking frame 
  • Four-point Safe-T-Lock System for safety and security
  • Double locking tubular steel frame 
  • Mesh panels provide airflow for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight design and carry handle. Material: Polyester, Steel, Cotton
  • Parents love: is easy to fold and store, lightweight, good for young babies
  • Any negatives? It has a short lifespan

What we love: The sides of the portable bassinet are mash and this makes it excellent for air circulation especially if you are traveling to hot weather destination. Please note that they do not operate as a safety barrier preventing kids from rolling over.

KidCo PeaPod and KidCo Peapod baby travel bassinets – cozy travel bed for babies and toddlers

Among my favorite portable baby beds or all there are the KidCo PeaPod and KidCo PeaPod Plus portable toddler bassinets – aka baby travel tents.

They are are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to store travel bassinets and they come in two sizes, meaning they are suitable also for taller kids or older siblings.

I find them excellent as the are good portable baby beds but also amazing for camping and outdoors as they allow you baby to have a nap outside while protected and contained.

PeaPod vs PeaPod Plu: what’s best?

The main difference between the PoaPod and the PeaPod Plus two products is their size and age suitability, the KidCo plus being able to accommodate children up to 5 years of age, the only toddler travel bassinet we have found suitable for older kids.

Both PeaPods are:

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Versatile – you can use them as travel bassinet, but also outdoor tent for naps.

An extra plus of the KidCo PeaPod Plus is that it comes with a sunshade, therefore offering extra UV protection when used outside.

The two models differ in the colours available – see specs for each below.

KidCo PeaPod infant travel bed – travel bassinet for baby

Of the two mentioned above, the KidCo PeaPod is the lightweigh baby bed for travel excellent for a first family trip or sleepovers.

Cozy, well made and with a really cool look, the PeaPod Baby main specs are:

  • Lightweight mesh that promotes airflow and acts as an insect screen
  • 2.5lb bed folds into a compact size
  • The peapod comes fully assembled with a sleeping pad snapped to the underside of the floor
  • A large front zipper panel makes access to children easy
  • Comes with a carry/storage bag
  • Suitable for babies and toddlers 1 to 3 years of age
  • Easy and light to carry
  • Potential hazard: because of the nature of the product, older kids can make it topple over so caution on the position chosen is paramount

See more product details and prices here

KidCo PeaPod Plus travel bassinet for toddlers – top pick as best toddler bassinet for travel

The KidCo PeaPod Plus is our favorite toddler bassinet for travel: it is a product you can use for quite a long time, it is well made and it also looks good!

It is super easy to carry thanks to its handy travel bag and older toddlers and kids love the novelty of sleeping in their very own little tend. A cozy baby pod indeed and a great baby camping bassinet too, if you are looking for cool camping beds for baby!

Its versatilily and quality make is one of the best buys for us.

The main specs of the KidCo PeapodPlus according to the manufacturer are:

  • Lightweight mesh allows airflow and acts as an insect screen
  • Weight: 3.5lb travel bed
  • Folds into a compact size
  • UV protection and anchor straps for ground attachment allow for outdoor use
  • The peapod plus comes fully assembled with a sleeping pad snapped to the underside of the floor. No further assembly is needed as it can be folded and stored with the sleeping pad fully attached

Any negatives? Because of the nature of the product, older kids can make it topple over so caution on the position chosen is paramount

Travel Bassinet, Beberoad NEWMOON Portable Baby Bed

Another nice baby bassinet and baby bed great for travel and camping is the travel bassinet new moon by Beberoad.

This is a foldable and super easy to carry bassinet with aluminum alloy frame, canopy and mosquito net and has some cute little extras such as loops to attach plush hanging toys.

This is a nice hotel, outdoor and camping bassinet with:

  • removable canopy
  • mosquito net
  • Alluminium alloy frame
  • Four-layer composite sleeping pad
  • Super portable, close flat
  • Suitable for babies up to 1 year
  • Hand washable

Baby Delight ‘Go with me’ rocking travel bassinet for baby

This Baby Delight travel bassinet is different from others on this list as it is closer to a baby crib or full on baby bad than a baby tent or pod.

Equipped with its own supporting legs, it is a rocking bassinet with revomvable canopy and netting.

While heavier than others on this list, it is easy to fold and a good sleeping solution if you baby is used to a rocking motion especially.

This is especially suitable as a baby bed for road trips, when the bassinet can be carried in the car trunk.

Main specs:

  • Easy to fold and with own travel carry bag
  • Machine washable cover
  • Removable canopy and netting
  • Breathabe mesh walls
  • Rocking motion

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Dream Portable Infant Sleeper

This is a lovely portable infant bed with two rigid walls that allow you to sleep close to your child while maintaining space for you and them.

The Baby Delight sleeper works as a baby bassinet with sides made of breathable mesh and a waterproof foam mattress with a fitted, wraparound sheet for ease of use and safety.

The fabric cover, mattress & sheet are removable so you can be sure you always have it clean whether you have it on the bed or on the floor.

Though for travel, either to grandma house or longer distances, this baby bassinet is easy to fold and carry and even has space for some essentials when closed.

This bassinet is:

  • Made of breathable material
  • Studied for in bed sleeping, so you can easily sooth your child in an unfamiliar environment such as hotel room
  • Versatile, it can also be used on the floor as a nice contained area for baby
  • Portable and lightweight, measuring 33.5″ long x 14″ wide x 9″ tall

3-in1 Sduddle portable bassinet for baby and changing bag / travel bassinet backpack

A different take on baby bassinet but an interesting one if you are looking for a versatile product that also operates as a baby bag, is by Scuddles, creator of this 3 in 1 bassinet, baby bag and changing mat combo.

The idea is clever: when baby is out and about this is a changing bag but on demand, you can extendind it and have a temporary bed for baby ready!

This is a cool, versatile product to have an occasional baby bed on the go, for instance if you are traveling by train or take a lunch stop while road tripping and want to allow baby a rest away from the car seat.

A similar model is also this Cosy Casa baby diaper bag and travel backpack bassinet by Magic Fox.

Chicco LullaGo Anywhere Portable Bassinet

The Chicco Lullago portable bassinet is larger than others on this list and it is therefore best suited for road trips, when you can store it in the trunk of the car.

The bassinet stands on 4 legs and it is easy to assembly once you are in your hotel or rental. Its main specs are:

  • Comes with own carry bag
  • easy to assemble
  • Stand on own legs so you can have your baby close to you bed but in a completely separate space, for comfort
  • Mesh side panels for visibility and airflow
  • Mesh storage pockets for essentials

Dream on me Traveler portable bassinet

Another lovely solution when you want to sleep close to your baby with with space for both of you is this portable ‘traveler’ bassinet by Dream on me.

The bassinet is made of soft polyester and has:

  • Easy to set up snap on legs, easy to use. Mesh walls for a clear view of the baby and air flow
  • Size: 34L x17.4W x 24.4H inches
  • Takes up to: 25 lb
  • Comes with easy to remove, padded mattress

I hope you found this list of baby beds for travel useful. Happy traveling bassinet shopping!

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