Lightweight double strollers for travel you will love for 2021

lightweight double stroller with pink canopies

Our tried and tested selection of the best lightweight double strollers for travel by plane, car, train.

A lightweight double stroller is a lifesaver when traveling with two young kids.

Despite being rather large objects, double travel strollers really come into their own when you are out and about all day in unfamiliar surroundings and, in most cases, are really worth the slight hassle of lugging them around on planes and in and out of the car trunk.

We learn this at our own expense.

When our second baby arrived, our firstborn was less than 2 years old and we decided we could travel with one stroller only, leave our big double stroller at home and let him and his sister share.

Wow, how much we regretted it!

Despite being an amazing walker, we realized that not having a seat for him meant double the work for us (a lot of shoulder carrying happened on that trip!) and we also suddenly found us without the option of letting him nap, should his sister being down already, or strap both of them in for lunch or when tired.

When we came back home, ou decision was made: we would never travel with toddlers again without a good double travel stroller!

The quest for the best lightweight double stroller commenced and we finally found a few that’s seemed to tick most boxes.

These are our favorite lightweight double strollers for travel.

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Best compact and lightweight double strollers for travel chart

These are the best compact double strollers for travel bases on our research and experience. Below, you will find out tips on how to chooose the best compact stroller for travel and more details about each model

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Double stroller modelTypeWeightFolded DimensionWheels
Mountain Buggy Nano DuoSide by side20lb/9kg11″x 28.7″x 33″5″ single and double
Joovie CabooseTandem stroller27.5lb/12.4Kg38 x 21.25 x 42″ Single rear, double front
Baby Jogger City MiniSide by side36.5lb/16.540.7 x 29.25 x 42.25″Rubber single
Joovie Scooter x 2 DoubleSide by side32lb/14.5Kg14″x 30″x 35.75″Double front, single rear
J is for JeepSide-by-side28.66Lb/13Kg29.5×36.2 41.7″single and double
Phil&TedsTandem Double24lb/10Kg30 x 12 x 24″11″ air wheels

Please note: as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

Best lightweight double strollers FAQ

What is the best lightweight double stroller?

The best double stroller for travel depends on the age of your kids and the type and frequency of your trips. To suit most families, for our selection of best lightweight doubles stroller for travel we looked at several styles and models including Mountain Buggy Nano Duo, Joovy Ultralight Double stroller, Phil&Teds inline stroller and Baby Jogger City Mini, among others.

What is the lightest double stroller?

At the time of writing, we found the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo to be the lightest double striller for travel, weighting in at 20lbs

What is the best double stroller for toddler and newborn?

We found the baby Jogger City Mini and the Phil & Teds inlice double stroller to be great for a baby and a toddlers

Do you really need a double stroller for travel?

We found that traveling with a baby and a toddler and 2 toddler was much easier once we had the option of having them both napping and/or secured. Depending on the model you have at home and how often you travel, you may not need to invest specifically in a compact double stroller

Which is better: tandem or side by side double stroller?

The tandem vs side by side double stroller debate comes down, in my opinion, to personal preference for you and the kids. Both models are excellent once you make sure they tick all the boxes of a good double stroller including easy fold, sturdiness and of course safety.

Do side by side strollers fit though doors?

Many do! Joovie Caboose and many other strollers in this selection do fit though standard doorways

How to choose the best lightweight double stroller

When shopping for a lightweight double stroller for travel, may that be a road trip of a long haul plane journey, we used the same criteria we used for selectin our favorite single travel stroller, plus a couple more.

In particular, we though the best double stroller for travel had to be:

Age-appropriate / with suitable weight limit

Like all baby and toddler gear, a lightweight double stroller needs to be appropriate to the age of the children it needs to carry.

Depending on the model you can find strollers that are better suited for 2 babies, one baby and one toddler or two toddlers.

Look at the exact specs of the lightweight double stroller that catches your attention and check that it is folds flat and it is suitable for newborns (if needed) and also the maximum weight it can carry, so you are sure it lasts as long as possible.


How light can a double stroller be?

Indeed, when it comes to double strollers, lightweight is always relative as let’s honest, a stroller that can take 2 toddlers must have a certain sturdiness and therefore a certain minimun weight!

The lightest double stroller we have encountered so far is the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo.

How light you need the doube stroller to be however may not be deciding point of your purchase.

We found, for instance, that provided the stroller weight is not unreasobaly heavy, other stroller features such as the floding and storing was what truly made one stand above the other.

Easy to manoeuvre

All double strollers need to be easy to maneuver however this becomes paramount when traveling, when you often may find yourself pushing the stroller with one hand only while carrying other stuff or you may find yourself in more awkward spaces.

I found all terrain strollers to be absolutely wonderful as as double lightweight pushchair for travel as they push easily and have 3-wheel triangular frame that makes turns a breeze.

All the pushchairs in our selection of lightweight double strollers for travel are easy to maneuvre

With good wheels

If you are wondering what are the best wheels for a double stroller, this is probably because there is not cut and dry answers to this, at least in my experience and you may have to compromise a little.

Double strollers, especially those built to accommodation older toddlers as well as babies, take a significant amount of weight and this can put a strain on small, fiddly wheels.

Big wheels in this sense are much more suited to a double stroller and they make the pushing more comfortable for you and your kids.

However, big wheels can pose a problem when tryong to fold the double stroller fast and may mean it doesn’t fit, for instance, in the standard airport security machine.

When option for big vs small wheeled double stroller, the main rule of thumb for us is:

Go for small wheels if compact fold is the most important feature (for instance, to put in the car trunk or to fly)

Go for large wheels if you need extra cushioning and plan to use the stroller on uneven terrains.

Easy to fold mechanism

Bad folding mechanisms are a deal breaker for me.

Especially when traveling you simply need your compact stroller to fold and come back up easily so you can get on with your plans.

When choosing the perfect travel double stroller, check if it folds in half (many do, it is rather easy to do) and look at the manufacturers videos to see if there are bits that need to come off for folding to make sure you on’ have difficulties reassembling or carrying it.

With good storage

Two kids may not need double the gear but you will sure have quite a but of stuff when traveling with two children and you need a double strolelr for trael that can help!

Make sure you preferred lightweight double stroller has a large enough backert and check that the feet of your child do not infringe on the storage space.

Some double stroller models foresee one of the kids to have they legs in the basket so the storage there halves fast!

With a large sun canopy

Large sun canopies are essentials on travel and so are good accessories for rain and, depending on the destination, stroller mosquito net. we used the one that came with our stroller extensively!

With adjustable handlebars

Adjustable handlebars are not standard and may be one more thing you will ahve to compromise when choosing a compact double stroller.

It may not be a deal breaker however, do pay attention to this detail if you have a partner of very different height to share the pushing with.

With car seat adapter

This may or may not be relevant to you but not all double strollers are car seat compatible so if you think this is important to you or you are buying for a newborn and a toddler, this is one extra element to pay attention to.

A configuration that suits your children

Compact double strollers come in several styles. Side by side strollers have two seats beside one another.

These are a little larger than tandem strollers however, they are excellent double strollers if you have children of similar age that require the same type of seat.

They are the best type of twin double stroller since the two seats are usually the same as each other so there is no arguing!

Tandem strollers, on the other hand, see children in line with one another, either looking to each other or sitting one behind the other.

Depending on the model, tandem double strollers can offer seats that are identical in specs or have one smaller seat and a bigger one or even allow for one seat for baby and one for toddler (Our Phil n Teds was like that and it was very handy)

The choice between tandem stroller and side by side is personal and we didn’t find one style won over the other.

If you go for a side by side stroller, just make sure you go for a narrow one to you may have difficulties in some travel destinations where you may find more cramped spaces (I am thinking about when we were in Rome with a baby and toddler or in Paris’ restaurants!)

The best lightweights double strollers for travel: our selection

Joovy Caboose Ultralight doudouble stroller tandem

The Joovie caboose ultralight doubles stroller is the lightest doubles stroller on the market we could find and this put is strongly on our map of the best doubes strollers for travel.

Click here for price and specs

It is a tandem stroller suitable for toddlers and a baby if used with the appropriate car seat and it is narrow enough to fit through most doorways.

The front seat is reclinable and has a foot rest and the back seat can be used in several ways: as a platform (my son loved this method of transport!), as a ben seat or you can get an extra seat so that they face forwards.

This double buggy has a large storage basket too. Some specs:

  • Lightest weight (23.5 pounds), most compact double stroller for travel
  • Bench seat and platform holds child 2.5 years / 45 pounds
  • Handlebar height: 106.68 centimeter

Baby Jogger City Mini Double

I love the Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller. It is a side by side, lightweight double stroller and has 4 big-ish wheels that are a lifesaver when dealing with less than smooth terrain.

It is also surprisingly easy to stir with one hand.

The two seats recline independently to almost flat, it has a handy folding mechanism and it stands flat when closed, which we found invaluable in restaurants for instance or when you need to leave the stroller at certain attractions.

while not the lightest double stroller on this list, this is a good twin lightweight stroller for travel, with large canopies and generous storage.

Official specs:

  • Weight: 36.5 pounds
  • Stroller size 40″ x 40″ x 29.75″
  • Stroller size when folded: 15.25″ x 30.5″ x 29.75″
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Adjustable calf support
  • Full-coverage UV 50 canopies

Joovy Scooter x 2 compact doubles stroller

Joovie makes this great compact double stroller for travel that I find strikes a good balance between a sturdy frame and manoeuvrability.

What makes it stand out from others is the great weight capacity (it can take up to 45lbs) and the large storage basket, one of the best on the market.

This is a good side by side compact double stroller and has an easy to master fold-in-half mechanism.

The only down side we could find is that is has a large canopy rather than two individual ones: this, depending on the age of your kids, may create some siblings rivalry but overall, it is such a good double stroller, the canopy is not a deal breaker!

Some specs:

  • 30″ width-fits through standard door
  • Individual recline seats
  • One hand fold
  • Single wheels adn teh bck, dobles swivel whells at the front
  • Very large storage basket perfect for travel!

Mountain Buggy Duo Nano Double stroller

Mountain Buggy Nano made a name for themselves with their standard travel stroller and they did it again with their double lightweight stroller: Mountain Buggy Nano Duo.

Another side by side compact double stroller, this is a winner for travel as it is super light, folds really small and it can even be used as a travel system.

The Nano Double stroller has small wheels however, they do hols up pretty wells on cobbles, which are always a hard one for any stroller!

It has a 5 point safety harness, two full size seats and can lie flat to accommodate a cocoon for newborns.

Several accessories are available including newborn cocoon and car seat adaptor.

Official specs:

  • Age: from birth (with cocoon) to 3 years
  • Fold dimention: 51 x 73 x 28cm / 20 x 29 x 12″
  • Product weight: 9kg / 20lbs
  • Holds: up to 30kg (15 per seat)

J is for jeep side by side ultralight double stroller

This double stroller caught my attention because of the ‘destination’ name which made me think it had to be a good double stroller for travel, even if by a brand I am persnally not super familiar with! Learn all about it here

Indeed, it seems to have nice travel specs that make it a good option when looking for a lightweight and budget friendly side by side pushchair.

  • Each seat holds up to 40 pounds
  • Single and double wheels (rear/front)
  • Independent, multi position reclining seats
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • 5 point safety harnesses
  • Fits through standard doorways

Phil & Teds inline double stroller

The Phil and Teds inline double stroller was our main double stroller and we loved it.

It is suitable for birth (if used with the baby carrycot), car seat compatible and you can use it easily with one baby and a toddler.

The two seats are one on top of the other but there is sufficient space for both children not to feel cramped.

The only down side we could find with it is the basket: the child sitting on the bottom seat rests their legs and feet in the basket so it does diminish your storage!

We solved that with a stroller hook, a very inexpensive fix.

A 3 wheel stroller, we loved how easy it was to push and the only gripe we had with it was that it was a bit of a pain when passing security in airports as it tends to fold a little large.

Aside from this, we found it an excellent all-round double stroller for home and car journeys and road trips in particular.

I find it one of the best infant and toddler double strollers of all.

Useful compact double stroller accessories

Sometimes, good double stroller accessories are all you need to turn a good lightweight double stroller for travel into a great one. Some we love are:

Double stroller handle organizer with cup holder

Click & Go Stroller Hooks

JL Childress Universal fit stroller organizer

Universal Gate check bag for double strollers

Twin stroller rain protection for side by side strollers

Jeep Double stroller rain cover for tandem stroller, universal size

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the best compact and lightweight double strollers for travel and it helped you pick the one that suits you best!

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