Best beach bags for moms you can get online right now

colorful beach bag for moms with towels and sand toy

Our selection of the best beach bags for moms to carry all you need for a family day at the beach, chosen with practicality and style in mind.

There is no doubt about it: no matter how minimalist you try to be, going to the beach with a small kid means you will be carrying around a good bit of gear and gear calls a good beach bag!

If you had a beach bag you loved before the mids came along, chances are you can use it also as mom bag.

However, if like me you were one who used to go for look over convenience, then investing in a different, more practical beach bag can be a good idea.

Today, I am sharing the things the best beach bags for moms have in common and some of my favorite models.

What to look for when picking the best beach bag for moms

The best beach bag for moms is:

Large enough to hold what you need from your purse to towels to a cooler bag with snacks. If you are not sure how much to carry with you, have a look at our list of toddler essentials for the beach to have an idea of the space you may need

Not so large you cannot carry it. When buying a ‘mom bag’ for the beach you may be tempted to get a huge one that can have absolutely everything but consider the practicalities!

At the start of the day, when everything is clean and you have time to pack properly, a large beach bag can feel great but picture yourself at the end of the day: sand everywhere, tired kids, lots of trash to bring home.

Is it still great?

In many cases, a medium or large-size bag and a mash bag or toy wagon for the toys are more practical than one oversized beach bag for moms.

Easy to clean – whether you can toss it in the washing machine or even just turn it inside out to get rid of sand, make sure you can easily clean your beach bag.

Chances are sand, water and kids’ yogurt will, at some stage, make their way onto it!

With pockets – You don’t need a huge amount of pockets in your beach bag but some are handy. Inner ones are good for a small purse and band aids while outer ones can be great for grab and go things such as kids water shoes or wipes.

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Best beach bags for moms: chart of our top picks

Name of the bagStyleWaterproofMaterialBudget
Dejaroo mesh beach bagBeach toteYesMesh$
Mom beach bag by AomaisBeach toteYesMesh$$
Fitfort Mesh beach bagBeach toteYesMesh$$
Beach bag by StyleheroBeach bagYesCanvas like fabric$$
Foldable beach bag by Genovega StorePackable beach bag for womenYesNylon$
Beach tote bag by BodysurfPackable beach toteYesRecycled Nylon$
Wet gear beach backpack by TYRBeach backpackYesMesh$
SupMLC mesh bagBeach mesh bag for toysYesMesh$

Best beach bags for moms: our top picks

Dejaroo mesh bag for moms – mesh tote beach bag

I open this list with the Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag that I find excellent for moms as it keeps at bay one of your worse enemies: sand!

being made of mash, it doesn’t get weighted down by sand and it easy to clean: it is also partially see-though which is handy for quickly finding whatever you need.

This beach bag is large enough to hold several beach towels and has several pockets for beach shoes, books, wipes and bottles.

It has nice straps that are large enough to sit comfortably on your shoulders (despite being non-padded) and you carry it tote-style.

Several colors and color combinations are available.

Mesh beach tote by Aomais

Similar to the one above in Concept and style this mash beach tote by Aomais is excellent if you want a large, durable beach bag.

Designed to hold up to 35L/150lbs capacity, this bag is large enough to fit towels and toddler essentials, reading materials and a small purse and has external pockets for water bottles too.

The bag has short straps and can be carried on one shoulders comfortably thanks to a handy shoulder pad that also works as velcro strap to keep handles together.

Mildew resistant and easy to wash, this is one of the best beach bags for moms and dads as it comes in several color, suitable for everyone.

Fitfort beach tote for moms – beast beach bag woth cooler

By this point, you may have noticed that I think mesh bags are the best beach bags for moms and indeed, the third beach bag on the list is again a mesh one!

This is by Fitfort and comes in two colors: black and light blue, which I find very pretty.

I love this bag because it is both a carry bag and a cooler, which is super handy for all the snacks my kids usually wolf down while at the beach.

The cooler part is on the bottom, which makes the bag stand nice and tidy, and means you have one less item to carry and store, since the cooler can be attached to the bag/ detached for filling and using.

A good size bag with several pockets, this is a tote bag but has a nicely padded strap so it doesn’t hurt your palms or sholder while carrying.

This is a wonderful beach bag for moms you can use on all your picnics: it is very big so the only risk is making it too heavy – careful especially if carrying cans: it takes up to 12!

The main compartment holds up to 4 large beach towels.

Striped pool and beach bag for moms by Stylehero

Stripes and ropes are a beach look staple so if you want to go for a marine theme with our remouncing practicality, you can!

This striped beach bag by Stylehero has pretty horizontal stripes, rope handle and a handy rectangular shape that makes it easy to fill and access.

The bag closes with a magnet clasp and has outside pockets for water bottles and a big inner pocket. A little extra! The bag also has it detachable indoor sand proof much!

The bag comes in large and extra-large size and in several colors, all easy to wash (machine washable 30 degrees) and able to carry up to 10Kg of stuff.

Due to the rope handles however, I would recommend you check how heavy you want to make you bag as the rope can prove uncomfortable on your shoulders if carrier for a long time.

2 In 1 Foldable Large Waterproof Tote Bag  for the beach

If you prefer a bag you can easily fold and use both as a main beach bag or an extra one for those pesky extras you find yourself with at the end of the day, then you may like this foldable 2-in-1 bag by Genovega Store.

The bag folds tiny but is 18×22 inches large so it is a good size for things such as extra diapers, reading materials and your purse.

This bag is not really large enough for all the toys but I find it good as a beach bag for travel, when you may not have space for a full-on beach bag but still need an easy-to-pack one that can make your beach day easier.

Beach tote bag by bodysurf

Another beach bag I love for moms is this tote by Bodysurf, which is made of recycled nylon.

The bag folds tiny and comes with its own carry pocket and I love it as a convenience bag for your extras.

Pretty and with comfortable shoulder straps, it has an interior and exterior pocket and it is designed to be water-Resistant, sand-proof, durable and fa resistant as well as washable.

Big Mesh Mummy Backpack by TYR

If you are looking for a beach bag for your wet stuff at the end of a day at the beach, then I recommend you look at this wet gear backpack by TYR.

Unlike the other beach bags on this list, you carry this bag on your back and it I designed specifically for swimming gear, so that it doesn’t mix and ruin all your dry stuff.

A zippered external pocket is handy for small items such as goggle and there is a separate carry pocket for a water bottle too.

This beach backpack has a spacious main compartment and a barrel closure string with mesh venting for added drainage.

SupMLC mesh beach bag for toys

If you are looking for a beach bag specifically for toys, then I recommend this large mesh bag by SupMLC.

very spacious and easy to load and unload the bag is great for easily carrying all the sand toys you need on the day, it is super lightweight and folds tiny into its own pouch when not in use, perfect as an extra beach bag for travel!

Find your favorite beach bag for moms who love the beach? Check out more beach gear for families and tips you may find useful.

I hope you found this selection of our best beach bags for moms useful.

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