Our review of Travel Love City Kits for kids, a new fun and educational way to discover cities with your children.

I am always on the lookout for fun and educational materials to use on our travels and, lately, I came across a new one that seems designed for city lovers like us: city kits for travelling families.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably know how much we love exploring new cities. As a family, we love the buzz of a busy urban environment, the variety of the people you encounter, the seemingly endless means of transport and the many entertainment option.

However, it would be naive to say visiting cities with kids doesn’t pose any issues.

Compared with a day on the beach, a trip into town always requires a bit of work and some planning. Creativity and insider tips about what to show kids to pique their interest, where to eat and where to go for some playtime are priceless.

Here is where the Travelove city kids come in handy!

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A Travelove City Family Kits is a collection of informative materials and games  kids can play while on a city break with parents.

They are designed by city expert with a passion for education and are an easy and fun way to get the kids to engage with the city around them and learn about its history and culture.

The kits are city specific and at present I know they have available Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Prague, but the list keeps growing. You can check the travelove website for the full list.

Without spoiling the rest of the review, I can already tell you that we found the one about Rome brilliant.

And this means a lot, considering that I am a born and bred Roman and my kids go to the eternal city at least twice a year!

For the moment, we have used the kit at home to get ready for our next trip but in a couple of weeks we will road test it on the streets of Rome too.

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Travelove City Kit: what’s in the box

You can get hold of of a Travelove city kit online.

Katka, the lovely lady who created them, has a nice and well functioning website that you can find here:  As you can see, the site has a main menu where you can choose your kit and some additional downloadable, as well as activities for the kids such as the Europe quiz.

You can order your kit online and it will  be delivered straight to your door. We received the parcel a couple of weeks ago and we immediately liked it. The kit arrived in a lovely, feminine box with a cute bow around it:my daughter made a beeline for the bow itself while Mr M wasted no time in rooting out all the box contents.

In the Rome kit, we found:

  • An adult guidebook, with information, maps and itineraries
  • A kids booklet, with activities and games
  • Stickers
  • Postcards
  • Pens
  • Pegs (this are part of a fun game suggested in one of the booklets)
  • Crayons, chalk, colouring pens
  • Balloons and bubbles
  • A handy transparent shoulder bag for the kids to carry their precious kit around

My kids loved the contents of the box and immediately asked what the pegs were for. This was a god question as it meant  we curiously read the booklets on a quest for the answer. We found it, of course, and we started getting excited about our trip!

What are the booklets like

While my kids were testing out coloring pens and bubbles, I started looking at the booklet for adults and was impressed.

First of all, the booklet is well over 60 pages long and packed with information. In it, you have a selection of landmarks to visit over the course of 3 days, maps, photos and also some additional and super useful information such as what to do in Rome when it rains, practical info about the city and a getting around section.

One more thing I like is that before each activity there is a page introducing it with a summary about its difficulty, prices and special info to make the most of it as well as guidance about the type of experience involved. So for instance Trastevere is recommended for ‘culture, fun and foodies’ while Villa Borghese (one of Rome’s big parks) is for ‘nature and fun’.

The booklet for kids has a different format than the one for adults as it is in A4, therefore easier to read for little ones. In it, you find the same landmarks you have the adult booklet but from the point of view of the child, so for instance you have things to spot, puzzles to complete and age specific quizzes to pique the kids curiosity and reinforce what learnt during the day.

The booklet is printed in fun and easy to read fonts and some of its pages turn into games you can bring with you everywhere such as the Rome memory game (safety scissors are provided to cut it out).

Both booklets are packed with information and make for a great introduction to Rome.

My daugher testing her Travelove City Kit about Rome

What we loved about the City Kit

When I first read about the city kit there was element that particularity attracted me an it was the mention of ‘real sites’, not amusement parks.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against amusement parks!

But they are not the type of site I look for when going city exploring. When going to a city, I like to engage with the life of the city itself and while this may include a stop at a theme park, it usually revolves more around city streets, historical landmarks and food joints.

If you are curious about our style of city exploring, have a look at our family guides to Rome, Dublin, Madrid and Lisbon

Katka has to share this approach. In her kits, I found historical information, interesting city itineraries and an a true effort to try and make you engage with what is most authentic about a place without leaving out visits to main landmarks and tourists attraction.

Overall, I find the city kits the perfect complement to our way to travel as a family and a professional version of what I try to do with my kids wherever we go!

Is there anything I’d like to change?

I’ll get back to you about this once we try the kit on the road but so far, I have no complaints.

Just for the sake of being picky, I will say that for my personal taste I would probably prefer a slightly different style of print, with characters more on the cute side than cartoonish, but this is very much something that comes wit my very own visual taste rather than the quality of the product.

I find the Travelove city kits excellent and I can’t wait to road test them in Rome!

Do you love city exploring? Would you be curious to try this kit on your next adventure?

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