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Learning Escapes is a family travel blog dedicated to parents who, like us, believe holidays are the best opportunity to spend quality time with their kids. We want to inspire you to travel with your children and build great family memories: browse our menu for destination ideas, how-to guides and reviews that will help you along the way. Happy travel planning! Marta (mum), Phil (dad), Mr M and Little Ms E.


Discovering Venice with Wanderjack review

Venice is a maze of medieval streets and meandering waterways and allowing yourself to get lost in its narrow alleyways is one of the best ways to experience its charm. However, there is no denying that Venice's labyrinthine structure is also a bit of a pain so,...

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5 fantastic gifts for photography enthusiasts

Avid travellers are often also avid photographers: capturing a beautiful and atmospheric shot is one of the many pleasures of travel and holiday family photos make for fantastic memories. So, since we are coming up to Christmas, I thought you may like some gifts ideas...

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Mum of 2, coffee lover, Italian expat in Ireland. Avid home swapper. Follow us for tips and inspiration for fun, family vacations in Europe and beyond: we travel the world with kids, one city break at a time!

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10 unique things to do in Rome at Christmas

Rome is always stunning, but Rome at Christmas is magical: when the festive season dusts its ancient walls with lights and cheer, the often prickly personality of this multifaceted city softens and acquires an air of joyful elegance that lifts the spirits of...

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5 tips for a kid-friendly cruise

The idea of going on a cruise with my kids has only recently entered my travel radar. It first crept in last year, when friends came back from a holiday at sea tanned, relaxed and full of stories from gorgeous locations and it took hold when fellow family travel...

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My perfect 24 hours in San Francisco with kids

I love discovering new places, but some cities have such a special pull on me that no matter how many times I visit them, I still long to go back. One of them is gorgeous San Francisco, the city we visited last summer and one I seem to never get enough of. Our San...

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All about visiting Birr castle with kids

We got to Birr Castle on a cold winter morning. The grey sky touched the tops of the trees, the chilly air prickled our skin and Ireland was enveloped in that mystical atmosphere ancient tales and lore evoke so well. I had been meaning to go to Birr Castle for a long...

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