Italy in November: all you need to know to plan a trip

All you need to know to plan a trip to Italy in November. A trip planning guide with info on weather, best places to visit in November in Italy, when to book what, November travel tips.

November is a peculiar month to visit Italy.

Depending on where exactly you go, you may find November in Italy to be grey and rainy or pleasant and mild, blissfully devoided of crowds or disappointingly quiet.

Overall, however, it is a month of transition, a time when summer is well and truly over but winter hasn’t fully taken hold of the country yet.

November is a great month to visit some parts of Italy and a terrible one to visit others.

In this guide to November in Italy, I will help you choose where to go and tips on how ho plan your itinerary during this peculiar time.

Disclaimer: this is a seasonal travel guide about Italy in November, meant to help you decide the best time of the year for your visit. It does not address the current state of travel. For official information please always refer to official info before making any plans. Please be advised that regional restrictions are in place as well as national ones.

2020 need to know

The situation is evolving rapidly in Italy and rules and regulations about mobility and opening of services change every day.

Please refer to Italian official info channels for up to date information both at national and regional level, sincer regional authorities have the authority to apply more stringent rules on their territory that those at national level.

At present, wearing of face masks is compulsory indoors and indoors and there are limitations to restaurant and cafe services. Early closure of shops and restaurants is in place and there is a night curfew in places in several locations.

Please refer to official channels and check the latest info before planning anything as things change fast. The news service has a page in English here

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November in Italy: important dates and festivities

The most important date to keep in mind if planning a trip to Italy in November is the 1st of November All Saints (Ognissanti), which is a National Holiday.

On this day, Italians are off work and this may result in longer lines at museums and exhibitions.

Depending on the day of the week on which this festivity falls, Italians may make a long weekend out of it, which may impact prices in popular localities and train seat availability.

Main attractions tend to stay open on this day.

Is November a good time to visit Italy?

November can be a good time to visit Italy, provided you know what to expect and make plans that are realistic for the November weather.

Overall, November is a good time to visit Italy if you like food tours, museum visits and city breaks and not a great one to enjoy the coast or hiking destinations.

In terms of temperatures, this is historically what you can expect:

  • Milan: Max 18C Min 11C – Rain: 6 days
  • Bolzano (Dolomites): Max 11C Min 1C
  • Rome: Max 17C Min 6C – Rain: 9 days
  • Palermo: Max 20C Min 114C – Rain: 8 days

Where in Italy is best in November? The best places to visit in Italy in November

Some of my favorite places to visit in Italy in this season are:

The most popular destinations in Italy in November: what to expect

Is Cinque Terre open in November?

November is not a good time to visit Cinque Terre, an area famous for hiking paths and coastal views.

At this time, the season is in-between summer and winter and tends to miss the beauty of both: you cannot bathe or enjoy the beach, several paths are closed and many hotels are shut for the cold season.

November in Cinque Terre is also very rainy.

If November is the only time when you can visit, your best bet is to go on a day trip and wait for a day with no rain.

You can find the weather forecast here: check a couple of days before for maximum accuracy.

You can find our guide to Cinque Terre here:

What is Lake Como like in November?

Lake Como is very quiet in November.

At this time, the temperatures drop, the sunny day diminishes and the lake becomes a place for contemplative relaxation in a nice hotel rather than outdoor pursuits.

It can still be nice to come here as a day trip from Milan however, it is wise to check the weather first and make sure torrential rain is not in the cards.

Milan itself is pretty grey in November however, this can be a nice time to visit to avoid crowds and long lines.

Piazza dei Mercanti, Milano
Stunning Piazza dei Mercanti, a short stroll away from Milan’s duomo, under a grey sky

Is November a good time to visit Venice?

November is low season in Venice and therefore a wonderful month to visit if you want to avoid the crowds in this otherwise overly full city.

However, there are some downsides to visiting Venice in November.

One is the weather, which is humid and grey and the chance to get acqua alta.

Acqua Alta is the name given to the Venice high tide, when it is so severe to flood the city.

The phenomenon is usually annoying but, from the visitor’s point of you, can often be seen as an element to a fun travel story, however, it can be very damaging and truly dramatic for the city, like it happened to be during the last winter.

Overall, you don’t need to avoid Venice in November for fear of acqua alta owever, I do recommend you keep an eye on the weather if visiting at this time.

You can find our guide to Venice here:

Is November a good time to visit Florence and Tuscany

November is a lovely time to visit Florence and Tuscany, provided you are ready to wrap up!

Once you do that, you can enjoy what is a wonderful season in Tuscany: expect beautiful foliage, amazing filling dishes, red wines, crackling fires and museums!

Find our guides to Florence and Tuscany here:

Is November a good time to visit Rome?

I love Rome in November.

This is one of the rare times when Rome sees a low tourism season, a time with lower crowds and prices, and despite the occasional rainy day, it is still a pleasant and nice months in terms of temperatures.

Early November is the best part of the month for visiting, while the end of the month tends to see a higher number of grey and rainy days.

This is a wonderful time to visit Rome if you have a few days to discover the city with ease and you are planning on museum visits and cozy dinners in traditional restaurants: Rome food is perfect for the November weather!

Find all my Rome guide here:

Pasta carbonara, a Rome specialty

Is November a good time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

November is not the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast.

The weather here in November is a mix of good and grey days and many tourism businesses shut for the winter, meaning you have a lower choice of accommodation and few services available.

November is not a time for swimming or boat tours either however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a beautiful stay here.

Low crowds are a rarity here and allow you to see the area at a better, slower pace and the sea in winter has a special beauty: if you are happy not to be in the water, this can be a nice time for a relaxing, contemplative stay in one of the areas beautiful hotels.

Pick one with a view and take the beauty of the Costiera in!

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Is November a good month to visit Sicily?

November can be a wondergful month to visit Sicily, a destiantion that gets to hot in summer, it can hinder your ability to sightsee.

While you should not sun all month long, once you are ready with a mid-season jacket and good walking shoes, you are most likely ready to go!

You can find our guides to Sicily here

What to book in advance in Italy in November

In November, I recommend you make advance bookings for the main Italian attractions, which are pretty much always busy no matter the time of the yeat.

In particular, I recommend you book:

Last Supper, Milan: often booked out weeks in advance, book as soon as your trip is confirmed via their official site here or via GetYourGuide here, which offers excellent cancellation options.

Colosseum, Rome: the official site gets booked out months in advance (although you may be in luck if only looking for one or two tickets). However, guided tours are usually available on GetYourGuide here

Vatican, Vatican City, Rome: tickets sell out fast and operate on a time slot system. You can get them on the official site of the museums or choose a guided tour via GetYourGuide here: I highly recommend them as the museums are vast and easily overwhelming, without a guide.

What to pack for Italy in November

When packing for Italy in November, you need to be ready for changeable weather, rain and chilly temperatures, especially in the North.

You can find my full packing list for Italy in the autumn here, however, these are your Italy must-have for November:

  • All your travel documents (passport, Visa, Insurance, etc)
  • Face coverings (compulsory in indoor spaces in 2020)
  • Broken in walking shoes (find my shoe recommendations here
  • Clothing essentials
  • Jeans / long trousers / pants (no shorts)
  • Short and long sleeve tops
  • Cardigan
  • Coat and scarf
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Power bank
  • Travel adapter
  • Italian phrasebook
  • Portable travel umbrella
  • Phone/Camera

Going with kids? Then don’t forget to check out our recommended family travel essentials too!

Best things to do in Italy with kids in November

November is a tricky month to visit Italy with family, since rain is likely to take away a good chunk of outdoor time and playground visits.

However, November is an excellent time for city visits and classes: some of my favorite things to do in Italy with kids at this time are:

I hope you enjoyed this overview of Italy in November and it helped you plan your trip. Safe travel planning!

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