An item I am very fond of and I always carry on all our family trips are headphones.

I discovered how useful they are last year, when the we tackled a 13 hour flight to California with the kids and, since then, I always make space for a pair no matter where we go. We tried several headphone types but there is one model that has blown the others out of the water for look, comfort and how happy the kids are to wear them: cozyphones.

Cozyphones review

Disclaimer: we received our cozyphones for free for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this post are, as always, our own. We want to thank the creators of cozyphones for this opportunity: from the moment the kids saw the headphones on their website, they got excited at the idea of owning them and now treat them as a possession they are very fond of!

What are Cozyphones

Headphones come in all shape and sizes but they usually fall into one of two categories: over the ear or ear buds, the latter usually only suitable for teenagers of adults. Cozyphones break free from these standard designs and introduce a completely new concept: instead of having an over-the head band, the cozyphones come in the form of a soft fleece head band with built in headphones that you can move to sit exactly on top of the children’s ears.

kids wearing the cozyphone fox and smiley design

We love our cozyphones: my son opted for the fox while my little girl preferred the smiley face.

The design is excellent for kids: the headband is made of soft, stretchy material, it doesn’t make them sweat and ensures that the headphones stay in place without catching of their hair of falling out.

In the case of my curly little girl, the headband also has the added advantage to hold back her hair, so when she uses the cozyphones to look at the ipad, she can do it without her ringlets in the way!

The cozyphones are available in many, really cute shapes and colours. I got the kids to choose from the website and they loved so many of them it took them a while to pick one.

We looked at the panda, the bunny, the unicorn and the frog, then eventually opted for a yellow smiley and a fox. They look adorable and I am kind of hoping my son gets to play a fox in school drama night just to show them off (last year he was a camel, so there is hope…).

What’s in the Cozyphone box

Our Cozyphones arrived in the form of a small, soft parcel.

They came as a one piece item and the kids could slip them around their forehead and use them straight away.

The cozyphones have two soft earpieces you can easily move inside the band to sit right on your kids' ears

The cozyphones have two soft earpieces you can easily move inside the band to sit right on your kids’ ears

My kids are 5 and almost 7 and they fitted perfectly, but should you notice the earpieces don’t align with your child year, you can simply reach for the headphones and move them around: the headband is soft and has an opening on the back that allows you to reach them.

You may need to adjust them a few time to make sure they sit on the ear cavity and the kids don’t need to pump the volume up to hear: they do not have volume control so make sure the setting on the device you are using is suitable for children.

The cozyphones have a long, soft wire that allows the kids to move quite freely while wearing them. I imagine this will come in handy on our next long haul flight: my kids adore in-flight entertainment but have ears that are too little for the standard airline ear buds so I believe this can be the perfect solution!

Cozyphones: what we love

My son testing his new headphones for this cozyhphones review

It’s easier to concentrate with headphones on

Cute look

The main thing that attracted me to the Cozyphones was how cute they look. I found the idea of my two kids wearing them irresistible and find myself encouraging them to use them (not that encouragement is needed) just to take photos of them! They come in several colours and animal shapes: you can find them all on the Cozyphone website where you can see the whole range of options.

Soft material

They are made of a very soft, washable, stretchy material that is a pleasure to touch. It is soft on the kids’ foreheads and it doesn’t make them sweat.

Long cord

The Cozyphones have a long, soft cord. In the house, we haven’t had great use for it but I know it will come in handy on planes.The length of the cord and the small space they take make them excellent for travel.


Another great thing about the cozyphones is their price. they retail for less than 20$ and they seem very durable – even in the hands of my kids!

Final thoughts

CozyPhones is a small, US family owned business. They started by designing sleeping headphones but when they saw that kids were keen on stealing them from their parents, they created some that are just for them. I believe the kids design was an excellent idea and I now want to stock up on them for all my kids’ friends as I believe they make a super cute, useful, non messy present all their friends will love!

I really like the cozyphones and my kids are delighted with them so from now on, they will be our travel companion.

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