You might remember a post I wrote a few weeks ago about a yoga retreat in Italy, Casperia to be precise, near Rome, organised by the lovely people of Sunflower yoga holiday (if you don’t, click here).

In that post I talked about a yoga retreat in the Italian countryside: here, I’d like to tell you about another yoga vacation idea offered by the same people but that, instead, takes place on the wonderful Mediterranean coast, in Sperlonga.

If you are familiar with my blog, you probably already know that I have a soft spot for Sperlonga and its sandy, shallow water beaches. You might probably also know that I love activity holidays, especially if they involve quiet surroundings and gorgeous Italian food, but you might not know that I also love yoga and that I try to include in my day  some yoga and meditation time whenever I can.

Unfortunately, the pace of daily life is at the same time what makes yoga and meditation so necessary and so hard to fit in, so lately I have developed a bit of an obsession with yoga holidays. I can’t go on yoga holidays as often or for as long as I would like to, but I do think they are a great way to recharge and kick start some good habits. A yoga holiday I have been looking at for quite a while is this one in Sperlonga: to be honest with you, I haven’t been to this retreat but I have been in touch with the owners and I have been to Sperlonga many times and what I do know about it is sufficient to make me believe going here would be a fantastic experience.

So please, take this post for what it is: an idea for a yoga vacation in Italy and where I would go (will go, I should say) if I was planning a yoga escape.

A yoga retreat in Italy, why?

Uhm, where to start…

Because if you live in Europe, Italy is easier and more affordable to reach than more exotic destinations such as India or Indonesia… Because as well as quality yoga classes, you can gorge on fresh Italian food….Because the retreat is managed by an experienced team of English speaking teachers who have been offering yoga holidays in Italy for over 20 years and will make you feel welcome and nourished….Because as well as yoga you can make the most of your holidays with local activities, excursions, days on the beach and even day trips to amazing cultural cities and sites such as Rome, Naples and Pompeii, among others. Is this a good start?  Oh also, because the yoga vacation can be organised over the course of only few days, so you can fit it in as part of a longer Italian trip!

A yoga retreat in Italy, but where exactly?

This yoga retreat is based in Sperlonga, wich is a charming coastal village, half-way between Rome and Naples (both easily accessible with traditional and  low-cost flights). It’s one of my favourite seaside town in the whole of Italy: if you want to know why, have a look here

Sperlonga is a small village located on a hilltop overlooking the sea: the main part of the town is pedestrianised and you can reach the sea walking down its winding roads and steps. At the base of the hill, there is  a sandy beach and very shallow, clear waters, perfect for long walks on the beach and relaxing afternoons.
sperlonga detailSperlonga is full of charming corners. Can you imagine life in one of these little-whitewashed alleys?

Sperlonga is still not known by mass international tourism but has a long history as a holiday destination: one of its most notable guests was Emperor Tiberius (1st-century a.D.), who chose it as his summer residence along with another more famous location: Capri. He was a man of great taste!

Ok, but how much yoga is actually involved?

The yoga retreat offers classes every morning from Sunday to Thursday. The vacation is offered as a residential holiday and accommodation is provided in traditionally furnished village houses, for the exclusive use of the guests of the retreat. Most of the houses have a terrace and offer views over the terracotta roofs that are traditional in Sperlonga and of course of the beautiful sea.

The retreat is a low budget eco-friendly organisationand in line with this spirit kitchens and bathrooms are shared. The houses are all within easy distance from the village shops, where you can buy fresh, local products to enjoy in your house.

What do you think of this idea for a holiday: would it be your kind of choice, or would you rather go to Casperia?

I find it difficult to choose between the two: I love the activities in Casperia (the cycling, the excursions), but the outdoor yoga with a view of the sea is hard to beat… what would be YOUR choice and why?

Important note: I wrote this post to showcase a yoga retreat and organisation that I believe offers a fantastic way to visit Italy. My views are unsolicited and unbiased and I received no compensation for this post. 

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