This is the first time I post an entry for the weekly photo challenge and the theme of my photo is: Reward . I am usually very shy when it comes to participating to this kind of initiative, but this week’s theme inspired me, so I decided to throw my caution away and give it, literally, a shot.

I love the idea of rewards, and as soon as I saw the prompt I got overwhelmed with images of things I consider rewarding. I thought of my kids running to hug me when I get them from pre-school, of a plate of speck and polenta after a long hike up the Dolomites in front of a beautiful view, of an aperitivo on the beach in front of the sparkling Mediterranean (you know I love that, by now!). But then I decided to go for a ‘daily’ reward, something that brightens up my day pretty much every day of the week: this is a cup of coffee and the company of a guide book.

Reward: a cup of coffee and a guidebook with destination I'd love to discover

Reward: a cup pf coffee and a guidebook with destination I’d love to discover

Coffee and guidebooks are my addiction of choice. What’s yours?


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