Food tours are a fantastic way to discover a city: partaking of the local food with a knowledgeable guide is the most pleasant and efficient way to get in touch with the authentic culture of a place and also a great ay to pocket a good list of food joints to enjoy during your stay. This is particularly true in the case of Venice, where a spectacularly rich culinary tradition and many tourist traps create an explosive mix of temptation and possible pitfalls. This is why I believe  Venice food tours might be the perfect activity to explore this wonderful city.

Why a food tour in Venice?

Venice is famous for its cuisine and the layout of the city makes it the perfect destination for a guided walking tour, during which to discover hidden corners and restaurants that are worlds away from the many tourists traps you might otherwise encounter.

A major trading port for centuries, what makes the Venetian cuisine special is the vast variety of influences that shapes its dishes. Commerce with the far East brought to Venice spices and the important presence of the sea, dictating all aspects of life in the city, meant that fish and especially cod became a staple of the local diet. To learn all about this history and to have a taste of what Venice has to offer, I recommend you try to tours lead by  Monica, local guide and food expert who I believe will make you fall in love with la Serenissima all over again.

 All tours are in English and cover different food specialities, to please all palates.

Venice food tours options

  • Type of tour: walking tour, 1.5 to 3 hours long depending on the tour chosen
  • Language: English
  • Participants: min 2 – max 8. Individual participants can join already scheduled tour, please contact us with your preferred tour dates and we will check availability for you
  • Suitable for vegetarians: yes, but please specify this or any dietary requirement at the time of booking
  • What will I learn: the history and taste of one of the richest culinary traditions in Italy
  • Suitable for children: mostly yes, but please check the details of each tour as some require a lot of walking (and Venice can prove tricky for strollers)

Tour 1: cicchetti tour (small bites tour)

 This tour is devoted to discovering what the Venetians call cicchetti, small bites of food usually used as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a glass of wine. It’s the perfect tour for the curious and adventurous foodie, as it will make you taste a variety of foods from vegetarian delicacies to amazing locally sourced seafood. The tour lasts   3 hours and will bring to 3 of the best osterie (traditional eateries) in Venice, where you will taste local food and wines.  Monica will explain you all she and her fellow Venetians loves about cicchetti but will also give you an insight into what is feels like to live in one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world.

Price:  35.00 Euro per person plus the cost of the food and drinks (about 6/10 euro per person in each osteria, depending on how much or little you eat and drink).

Venice food tour

Tour 2: cake and chocolate tour of Venice

A food tour specific for cake and chocolate lovers! This walking tour is a  3 hours cakes & chocolate adventure that will make you taste food from 3 famous patisseries in town, an ice-cream parlour and two chocolate shops while learning stories and urban legends behind the origins and names of historic pastries. The tour also includes a chocolate tasting with a professional chocolatier that will teach you about the history of chocolate and how chocolate is made. This tour is suited to first-time visitors as well as Venice lovers but it is especially recommended to all those who have already visited the classic tourist attractions in the city and are ready to get a glimpse behind the scenes.

Price: Euro 45.00 per person (including the chocolate tasting experience) plus the cost of the food and drinks you will be having in each place (about 2/5 Euros per person in each place, according to how much you purchase).

Please note: there is a good bit of walking in this tour and families with children might want to make sure their little ones are up for the journey! Tour is suggested for children no younger than 5 years of age.

Venice chocolate

3. Food and ghost stories walking tour of Venice

Venice is famous for its incredible buildings and canals, but could its picture perfect beauty hide something more than precious works of art? If ghosts are what you are interested in, then this food & ghost stories walking tour of  Venice is for you. The tour lasts 3 hours and will bring you to visit three of the best osterie in Venice, where you will sample local food and wine and hear the best and most horrifying ghost stories the city has to offer.

Price: 35.00 Euro per person plus the cost of the food and drinks you will be ordering (an average of about 6/10 euros per person in each osteria).

You can contact Monica directly and book this tour clicking here (will redirect you to her website). Please note: I have no affiliation with Monica and her tours and received no compensation for this post.

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