One of the many things I love about travelling with my children is to listen to their reasons for enjoying a place. Being, currently, 4 and 6, they have precise opinions about what makes a place memorable and often these opinions are very different from my own: a museum that gets me excited might not encounter their taste, but a strategically positioned fountain that allows them to splash about might propel a destination to the top of their ‘best places in the world’ list.

With this series, I want to collect their opinions and look at destinations from the point of view of the kids. For each city, I am going to collect 5 things my kids love (for some of our bucket list items, I enlisted the help of local parents) and describe what it is that makes them special. To make this list different from the many, sometimes excellent, already existing on the web, I am going to try to focus on aspects of a city rather than specific attractions and try to capture its spirit, its soul and the overall feeling the kids experience when there.

Why 5?  5 is a very small number for a city the kids love (for Rome, I could easily make the list going on to 500!) but it is not so small for a destination that the kids are unsure about and so it seems to me like a good middle ground. If you love a city, picking only 5 attractions will force you to rethink of all the beautiful things you’ve seen a draw a shortlist; if you don’t, it’s a good excuse to make an effort and try focus on the positives, sometimes making them prevail.

I hope you enjoy it!

5 things you Kids will love about… ROME

Rome, view over the Tiber and the Vatican.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

5 things your kids will love about… FLORENCE

Florence top 5 attractions for kids detail of Duomo

5 things your kids will love about… MADRID

5 things your kids will love about…PORTUGAL (bucket list)

The iconic yellow Lisbon tram

The iconic yellow Lisbon tram

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