What food do you pack, when going away with your kids?

Finding a good, healthy  snack for the children  is something I periodically struggle with. My kids are not fussy eaters, but I am a fussy mum and while I find it reasonably easy to feed them well while at home, I can’t always say the same about when we are on the road. From lunch boxes to road trips, a healthy, non messy snack that both kids like is sometimes not so easy to find.

So I was particularly happy when I received an email from a company called Heavenly Tasty Organics, introducing me to their new range of organic biscuits. I didn’t know the company, so I spent a bit of time reading about them, their story and their vision: I loved what I saw, so I agreed to try the wafers they so kindly offered us.

The wafers arrived in the post a couple of days later and were immediately put under the scrutiny of the kids. With no further ado I can tell you: they loved them!

Yummy wafer wisps: what they are

Yummy wafer wisps are a range of organic biscuits for children aged 6 months or more. They come in two different flavours, ‘pumpkin and banana’ and ‘spinach, apple and kale’ and they are made with organic vegetables and flours.

‘Organic’ is a bit of a buzz word lately, sometimes even overused in marketing campaigns, but I believe it is truly important to feed our kids (and ourselves) with food that is as little contaminated as possible and so, trend aside,organic gets my vote!

The wafers have been created to provide an alternative to the many sugary and not so healthy children snacks on the market and if you read the ingredients you can tell that all care has been taken to make a snack that is free from artificial flavourings and coloring. The wafers contain no E numbers, no palm oil and not even added sugar or salt!

Each box contains 18 wafers, in packets of three and this is very handy as it means you can bring one packet per child when going out without the wafers getting soggy or turn into a sea of crumbles in your handbag.

Yummy Wafer Wisps

Yummy Wafer Wisps – each portion contains three wafers


As I mentioned above, the kids loved them.

First the box:  My kids absolutely loved the packaging of this product. When I showed them the box, before they even knew what was into it, they got overly excited – the bright colours and the cute design made the wafers immediately appealing to them, which in turn made them willing to try what was inside. I find with kids presentation is half the battle and this was an easy win.

But of course what they liked most of all was the taste: their favourite is the spinach and kale – the crunched their way through the box in no time and I know from no on this wafers will come with us on many a trip.


Looks like they enjoyed their snack!

Looks like they enjoyed their snack!



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