How would you like a photography workshop in Rome, to learn to capture the most beautiful sights of the Eternal city with an experienced photographer and guide? If, like me, you think you’d love it: read on.

The photography workshop in Rome is lead and facilitated by Patrick Nicholas, a great photographer I often mention on this website as he organises photography holidays and a photography workshop in Venice every December (the post about the photography workshop in Venice is coming soon).

Rome is a fantastic city and has a very special place in my heart: as you might already know, it’s my home town and still one of my favourite destinations in Italy and the world.

But this doesn’t mean that Rome is always welcoming: the extent of its history and culture and its incredible  traffic can be overwhelming and it is often difficult to plan an itinerary of the sheer volume of world class attractions. That’s why I think this workshop is great:

exploring the city with an experienced photographer you will be able to stop and admire all that Rome has to offer, taking your time to take it all in and then bring back home that beautiful shot.

The workshop is organised over three days and makes you experience many aspects of Rome, from its historical centre to the surrounding lesser known countryside, often (wrongly) ignored

This is a private tour and it can be customised according to your specific interests.

Rome photography workshop sample itinerary

Day 1: Visit of the Castelli Romani (the hills surrounding the city) and the beautiful Roman countryside. You will discover Castel Gandolfo, where the Pope spends his summer months, the beautiful town of Genzano, Ariccia and the stunning crates that host lake Albano and lake Nemi, beautiful bodies of waters whose fame dates back to Roman times.

Day 2: Welcome to the eternal city! On this day you will visit the historic centre of Rome: first you will visit the area of the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and Trajan’s market: these are very touristy spots in Rome, but they are so beautiful I never tire to go there. What always impresses me is the blue Roman sky, an incredible backdrop for the white marbles and the darker brown shades of the ancient buildings.

Photography workshop Rome

Take a stroll down Via dei fori imperiali and capture Trajan’s markets

Then you will move towards Testaccio, a part of the city very different from the monumental heart of the city. Romans love Testaccio because of its dynamic and down-to-earth atmosphere and the many cafes and trattorie: it’s a student-y, arty part of the city and an area where you can experience a more alternative side of Rome’s charm.

In Testaccio there is also the really beautiful protestant cemetery (Il cimitero degli inglesi, ‘the English cemetery’ as the Romans call it) where Keats, among others, is buried. Il cimitero is in the shade of leafy trees and of the piramide Cestia, a Pyramid dating back to the times when the Romans fell in love with Egypt and took inspiration from its art.

piramide cestia rome's pyramid

La Piramide Cestia

Finally, you will visit the district called Eur, famous for the fascist, modernist architecture of large roads and functional buildings that will  make you discover how Rome changed from ancient to modern times.

Day 3: Tivoli. Juts outside of Rome and home of Villa Adriana, where Emperor Adriano set his residence: it’s a magnificent example of Roman architecture, complete with water features, columns, palazzi and tall pine trees, as well as wonderful views.

Photography workshop in Rome

The course is for anyone with an interest in photography. The exact programme will be tailored according to the needs of each participant.

Among other things,you will learn the basics of composition, depth of field, lens choice and exposure. You will work in manual and raw and will get expert tips on the use of flash and reflectors. You will get tuition on how to edit your shots with adobe and Lightroom, panoramic photography and photo stitching using Photoshop ‘merge’, HDR High Dynamic Range (variable exposure), an overview of Fine-Art printing known as Giclée  and will also take away a fine art print with you!

What  I love about this photography workshop in Rome

There are many elements of this workshop that I think make it special. One is your tutor, Patrick, who is a great host and teacher. The second one is that I believe this workshop give you a chance to experience different sides of Rome that you might otherwise miss: all the areas you will visit are different but they all embody elements that are typical of the city and the surrounding areas are a great complement to the busy city streets.

I think this workshop is a great way to cover a lot of ground still connecting with the beauty around you. What do you think?

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