Today, it is with great pleasure that I host on my blog Laura, mum of one little girl and author of the travel and lifestyle blog From The Bowery. Laura lives in the UK and is responsible for putting on my family travel radar a city I haven’t yet visited: Liverpool. Being the fan of family city breaks that I am and Liverpool being a very short hop across the Irish sea from here, I was overly curious to hear about the family friendly side of the city  and really enjoyed reading about all the things to do in Liverpool with kids.

Here is what Laura has to say about it and don’t forget to check out her blog and her bio at the end of this post!

What to do in Liverpool with kids: 12 lovely things

by Laura of From the Bowery

For a city break with a difference make sure Liverpool is your number one choice. As well as being famous for music, shopping and cultural heritage the city centre is also fabulous for a family getaway. For children of any age and adults who are still guided by their inner child here are 12 amazing activities for family fun in Liverpool.

The Great Outdoors

1. Liverpool One

In the very centre of Liverpool, the huge leisure complex Liverpool One offers families a host of entertainment. Take the little ones for the usual tour of the Disney shop or perhaps create their new best friend at Build a Bear. Alternatively, if you want to get away from the usual high street paralarva then a stroll around Chavasse Park’s nature trail might suit the family better.

This urban nature trail allows your little ones to embark upon a David Attenborough style expedition, documenting wildlife and plants along the way.

Or for some friendly family competition take your little ones on in a game of ping pong. Part of Ping England, Liverpool One has its own free to use ping pong table ready to test the families sporting skills.

2. Footman’s Tour

Hosted in St Georges Hall, the Footman’s Tour takes visitors around unvisited areas inside one of Liverpool’s most historic buildings. Follow a Georgian clad footman as he takes you through an in-depth history of the city and into the nooks and crannies of the listed building that are usually locked off to the public. Enhance your family’s knowledge of Liverpool’s exciting history whilst enjoying the grandeur of St Georges Hall.

3. Shiverpool

With an age advisory of eight and above the Shiverpool tours mantra is “We scare because we Care”. Thoroughly entertaining as well as historically accurate these engaging tours use actors and artists to tell their stories. Some little ones might find the haunted side of Liverpool a little too scary but those who don’t will thoroughly enjoy Shiverpool.

The tours themselves are in-depth and cover a huge period of time in some of Liverpool’s most visited locations. The guides of the tours will uncover some well-known mysteries of Liverpool and guarantee a spook-tabular experience.

4. Otterspool Promenade

The promenade itself is a fantastic scenic walk along the banks of the River Mersey, with wide-spanning views of the Wirral coastline across the river. As well as a lovely place to take a walk with the family there’s also a kid’s adventure playground perfect to expel some of that everlasting energy. If you have a stunt biker, skateboarder or skater in your midst, there’s also an urban concrete skate park that is perfect for showcasing daredevil skills.

5. The Wheel of Liverpool

Taking inspiration from the London Eye, the Wheel of Liverpool is a must see for those of you not afraid of heights.Located on the historical Albert Docks adjacent to the Echo Arena, The Wheel of Liverpool gives extraordinary panoramic views across the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Visually and mentally stimulating each pod has its own running commentary of what can be seen across the skyline of Liverpool. Enjoy a perspective of the city like no other, but whatever you do, don’t look down.

6. Mersey Ferry

A journey that will last in your memory for eternity, The Mersey Ferry has welcomed passengers such as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip as well as pop royalty The Beatles. Starting at Pier Head and sailing across to the Wirral, the ferry docks at Woodside and Seacombe.  Both stop off’s will allow passengers the chance to disembark and explore the local area.

At Woodside learn all about the U-Boat story where a vessel that refused to surrender at the end of WW2 has been transformed into a museum.

A veil of mystery surrounds U-534 as many ponder the reason as to why the U-boat chose to disobey orders. Many speculations have been offered the most popular of which is that the vessel had a cargo of stolen gold to fund escaped Nazi’s taking refuge in South America. When the U-534 was recovered no such treasure was found leaving the reasons for failure to surrender a secret known only to the captain.

Seacombe ferry terminal is home the Spaceport where the family can enjoy learning about all sorts of intergalactic wonders.

Amongst many other interactive experiences, The Observatory is an exhibition provided by Astrophysics Research Institute at Liverpool John Moores University.

Using touch sensitive technology your little ones can make maps in the stars, explore constellations and chart unknown solar systems. Take a journey across the river then through space and time, on the Mersey Ferry.

Interactive Learning

7. Little Liverpool at The Museum of Liverpool

A great space for the little people is The Little Liverpool Gallery inside the waterfront museum of Liverpool.

Children under six have a safe learning and playing area where they can explore the nature and wildlife living in Liverpool’s docks.

For the even younger generation, the Liver Birds nest is a soft play area full of sensory stimulation. Toys for learning and development are set out for groups of toddlers to play in safety. The only trouble will be getting the little tykes to come out.

Instead of build a bear, try your hand at making a Mersey friend where you little ones are encouraged to build a seaside animal and then fit him or her into their natural habitat. The images can then be saved and printed out later.

The rest of the museum holds varied exhibitions throughout the year, each of them educational and always insightful to life in Liverpool.

8. World Museum

From the top to the bottom the World Museum at Liverpool’s cover everything from ancient history to advances in science and space travel.

The aquarium on the first floor is a favourite of mine. Huge tanks containing all walks of amphibian life from across the world’s ocean can be seen. Then each floor above has its own worldly theme. The 2nd floor contains biological specimens including the preserved skull of a hippo. The guides on each section will be on hand to provide you with interesting facts about the life of the specimens and where they were found.

The 3rd floor contains exhibitions of ancient distort including clothes, weapons and household objects from ancient times. The top floor is another place you can explore outer space from Merseyside.

At present Tim Peake’s call to the museum is streamed on a huge projector screen detailing his time on the international space station. Quite entertaining when he demonstrates the various effects of zero gravity.

A great all-rounder at the World Museum every day, as well as varied one-off exhibitions that takes place through the year.

Places to eat: family friendly restaurants in Liverpool

After all that exploring, learning and playing there’s no doubt that your family will be peckish.

Rather than heading for the usual high street favourites, Liverpool has some amazing family friendly restaurants that are perfect for providing great food as well as a little entertainment.

9. Smugglers Cove

A wonderful pirate themed eatery on the Albert Dock with a menu for your Little Buccaneers. The usual kid-friendly staples are served with a piratey twist. Great for adults is the very extensive rum list.

10. The Bastion Bar and Restaurant

The in-house restaurant of The Shankly Hotel is The Bastion Bar and Restaurant, perfect for kids to enjoy tasty food dining in another of Liverpool’s learning venues. If your little people enjoy football, then there is no better place to go.Several TV’s screen football constantly and surrounding the tables are displays of memorabilia that belonged to the most famous UK football manager, Bill Shankly.

Once you have enjoyed your Shankly Burgers explore your surroundings and learn a little about one of football’s greatest player/managers.

11. Crust Pizza

For those kids who like to try something a little different head to Crust Pizza where they can enjoy a pizza made with jet black crust. As well as a huge choice of other crusts and toppings, the kids will be over the moon to be able to enjoy their very own individually crafted pizza.

12. Barley and Beans

If only for the Freak Shake, head on over to Barley & Beans and treat the family to something deliciously decadent. The freak shake is a dessert lover’s monstrosity guaranteed to get you in the good books for the rest of the day. I challenge any adult to resist ordering their own.

Filled with food and fun your family will be experts on Liverpool’s amazing history and culture by the end of the first day. Who knows perhaps you too have picked up a few interesting dinner party facts along the way.

Author’s bio: 

Laura BoweryI’m a lovely young lady (?) who takes inspiration from all the wonderful things in life, fashion, art, photography, nature, then shares them with the world. Hardworking and passionate in everything she does hope one day to make a memorable mark on the world. With a new blog I’m always looking for the next beautiful thing.



After reading all this, all I can think of is: I want to taste a freaky steak! And I would really love to hear the call from the International space station: last year we visited the National Space Centre in Leicester and both us adults and the kids were enthralled by all we learned.

It sounds like we need to go to Liverpool to add to our space knowledge! Have you been already or, after reading this, would you like to visit and experience all the fun things to do in Liverpool with kids? Let me know in the comments!

Please note: local attractions are mentioned for information purpose only and we received no compensation for their inclusion on this list. The options expressed in this post are personal to the author.


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