One of my favourite ways to experience a destination is to take a course with a local teacher.

I have always loved being a student and even now that my school and university days are well and truly behind me, I still look for opportunities to learn from people who have different skills and longer experience than me: I love being part of a class, the reassuring feeling of being led by a teacher towards new discoveries and I love to think that, when I travel, what I learn will stay with me and will accompany me back home.

Courses are also a great way to connect with the local culture: nothing makes you feel part of a place more than having a day routine of your own and if the course you are taking is specific about your location, then you know the cultural experience is guaranteed: slow travel at its very best!

Personally, there are 4 kinds of courses I usually look for, when travelling: Cooking classes, language classes, photography classes and yoga lessons.

In this page, you will find a selection of courses in Italy I love and recommend: I started compiling this last year, when I decided to be a tourist in my own wonderful Italy and so I selected courses that are delivered through English or, in the case of language courses, are designed for foreigners. My hope is to add many more locations and countries: I  hope you come back here periodically to see what is new!

Activity holidays in Italy: courses


Cooking classes. Few things define a culture as strongly as food does and breaking bread (or pizza, or roti or rice) with someone is a bonding experience that transcends cultural boundaries, languages and age. Preparing a meal together brings this connection to the next level and give you a skill that keeps giving:  you can even impress your friends back home with what you learn –  that is surely worth your cooking sweat!

Language courses: I am a huge lover of languages and linguistics. I love to learn where words come from, their etymology and history and I find great satisfaction in expressing myself in a different language (as incorrect as I may be: it’s all in the effort!). In my never ending quest for fluency in other languages I have so far taken classes in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Irish and while  I only succeeded in being fluent in English, I took so much pleasure in it that I made languages my job. I now work as a study abroad consultant so if you wish to learn Italian in Italy (or English in Ireland), I can help!

Photography holiday: Photography workshops are one of my favourite ways to connect with the scenery surrounding me. A photographer is a great guide: with their amazing eye for the beautiful and the unexpected, a photographer can help you discover spots you might otherwise miss and will teach you how to bring home that perfect shot – I find it the perfect balance between a mindful approach to travel and the drive to bring home a keepsake

Yoga and wellness holidays: my favourite kind of break when I need to relax and get some quiet and clarity in natural surrounding.






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