Florence is without a doubt one of the most beautiful city in Italy and there is no better way to discover, experience and become part of its incredible atmosphere than enrolling in an Italian language course in Florence city centre.

I have a soft spot for Florence: part of my family is from there and in the voice of some of my aunties and uncles you can still detect some Florentine melody, despite the many years spent in Rome.

I am not going to say too much about Florence here: I am spending two week there in July and I will hopefully write many up to date post then, but to pole who might want to learn Italian there, i would like to say that Florence is a great place for students.  it’ beautiful, interesting, stylish, friendly, it has amazing food, it’s a great base to discover the centre of Italy and if this wasn’t enough also has excellent quality Italian language courses that will make you significantly improve on your Italian fluency.

So overall, definitely a good choice for a language holiday in Italy.

Italian language course in Florence: options

The courses available in Florence are many, here you will find a first selection on what is available:

General Italian, intensive group classes: the perfect course for anyone interested in learning Italian. In classes with no more than 12 students with of the same level of Italian as you, you can attend 20, 24 or even 30 lessons per week, improving your all your language skills. Minimum length of course is one week.

Combined course group classes + individual one-to-one lessons: This solution is ideal if you enjoy learning as part of a group but also need to focus on some specific language skills or topic such (work-specific language for instance). The group classes are useful to socialise and practice Italian, while the one to one classes will address the area where you need to improve the most. The course has a minimum length of one week.

One-to-one lessons: perfect if you do not feel at ease learning in a group or if you need to focus on specific skills or sector specific Italian. The course is tailor made and the exact number of hours can be decided at the time of booking. This course is perfect for professionals and very popular with companies who need their employees to improve on their working Italian.

Italian language and culture course: if you are learning Italian, m chances are you are interested in learning more about Italy, its history and its culture. This course combines 20 Italian lessons per week with 4 lessons about Italian culture covering topics such as: Italian language and its dialects, Italian political system before and after the war, famous Italians, Italian cinema and media, regional traditions and folklore, the north-south divide and many more.

Italian exam preparation courses: these language courses are specifically designed for student who will be sitting the CILS, CELI, PLIDA or IT exams.

Where to stay in Florence while studying Italian?

In Florence there is  no shortage of accommodation options, but if you are learning Italian it is possible (and much easier) to skip the accommodation search and trust your school to find a reliable and reasonably priced option.

Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, schools usually offer:

  • Host family accommodation: perfect if you like the idea of staying with an Italian family (family can be a couple with or without kids but also a single person etc). You will have a single room and share with your family breakfast and dinner, made by your host.
  • Apartment (shared or independent): perfect if you want to be independent for your meals
  • Hotels: this is a good option if you are only staying for a few days.

Want to know more? Send me an email on hello [at] learningescapes [dot] net, tell me what kind of course you’d like to take and I will be happy to recommend the best school for you!

Italian language courses are also available in Rome and Bologna.

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