After the success of my first two interviews with amazing family travel bloggers Wandering Wagars and the Tin Box Traveller, today I have the pleasure to share my chat with great family travel writer Jennifer, from Kid friendly Europe 101.

First, an introduction:

  • Your name: Jennifer McMillen
  • Your blog name: Kid Friendly Europe 101
  • What is your blog about? US-expat family living in Europe sharing the world with their children. This amazing family shares in-depth travel information on places they explore.

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Q.1 Tell us about your family: how many of you and how old are your children? There are 5 of us: 3 children: Michael is 10, Dane is 6 and Alyssa is 4.

Q.2 Where is home and where are you right now?   Well. Home is where you hang your backpack (I can’t really say “hat” since we are not really a hat wearing family. Ha!).  My husband is originally from Joplin, MO and I am from Sugar Land, Texas.  My oldest was born in San Diego and my younger two were born in Portsmouth, Va.  We are currently residing in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Q.3 How did you come up with the idea of a travel blog and when did you start writing? I have always been writing reviews to places we had gone. When we moved to Germany I started a “Journey” page, but I changed the direction to a “Kid Friendly” aspect.  In June of 2015, I started up my actual website and it hit off (well once I was more active on it in October 2015).

Q.4 What is your favourite kind of travel: independent, all-inclusive resort, cruise, a mix of all? What do you like about it? My favourite is all-inclusive which also includes cruises!

Q.5 How do you decide on a destination? If you have older kids: have you ever had an epic fight over where to go? I research destinations to make sure they have ample amount of activities for my children or activities that would interest them.

Q.6 You visited many countries: do you have a favourite so far? And your kids? Our favourite HAS to be Croatia.  Unfortunately, my husband didn’t come with us… so we have to take him!

Editor’s note: before this interview, I had the opportunity to talk to Jennifer about her trip to Croatia and here you can find some information about the gorgeous, eco-friendly resort they stayed at

Q.7 Do you have a dream destination you haven’t managed to go to yet? I would LOVE to do a Northern European cruise. Helsinki, Finland, Copenhagen, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, St. Petersburg.  DREAM!

Q.8 Many people are afraid of travelling with children: safety concerns, fear of the holiday being a lot like hard work: what is your best advice to make a family holiday a success? Start them young. My kids have been all over the US and now Europe.  Planning helps.  Make a list of places you want to see.  Teach your children to vigilant and to always be with you.  Being prior military myself I am already vigilant.  If I notice that there is a possible threat somewhere we will decide if we will actually go or not.  I also recommend NOT having a full on planned itinerary either.  Kids are unpredictable as we all know.  YES! You CAN have a few things that are planned.

Q.9 What kind of packer are you: carry-on only or everything but the kitchen sink? Is there one item you never leave home, no matter where you go or how long for? After moving to Europe I am a carry on only. I ALWAYS bring a first aid kit, medicines, plastic cups with LIDS and plastic plates. Also, a towel you know … just in case.

Q.10 I am sure you have some great stories from your travels: share one with us! When we were flying to the US on emergency leave (my husband’s father passed away) we were going through security (in the US) and they had to check my oldest son’s backpack more.  And they pulled out the largest bottle of mouthwash.  I was shocked.  My son said: “I brought it for dad”.  I think everyone around us was laughing.  So yeah… check your kids’ backpacks.


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