The other day, my blog got snatched. I went on it, like usual, but instead of being greeted by the wide Canadian landscape I chose as my cover photo, I found a black screen. Actually, it was a little worse than that: my homepage wouldn’t even load, but redirected to a site with black background, a flashing title I’d rather not repeat to my family travel readers and a number of ‘x’ so high, I don’t even want to try imagine what it might have contained. It was awful.

Having your site snatched is a non-problem, I know this. No one’s health is affected by this, no one is in danger because of this and I rationally know that even if my blog was to disappear forever, nobody would get hurt. Still, when this happened, and over the days that it took for my blog to be cleaned and patched up again, I was really upset: I felt silly about it, but it affected my mood and I felt personally vulnerable. I actually felt as if my house had been burglared and yes, as dramatic as it sounds, my heart broke a little.

Because you see, this little blog I have, it’s a  corner of the web, a tiny fraction of the cyber world, but it’s  my little internet home: if it was a real house, it would be a small studio with the bed in the kitchen, but if would be in the best place in the world, with a great view, fantastic neighbours and knick knacks from my trips.

It’s a very personal space, and when you enter it you see a lot of me: love it or hate it, from the colour palette, to the turn of phrase and the spelling mistakes, it’s a lot of me that you see and so yes, to have this taken and turned into something so completely non-me hurts.

But while I was having my 5 minutes of feeling sorry for myself, something really great happened: I shared this experience with the wider world out there (aka: I posted it on facebook), I talked about it  with my blogging FB friends and I got an overwhelming response of support. People were amazing: tech people offered help, non tech people offered support, other bloggers asked me for updates: they turned this awful blogging moment into an amazing blogging moment.  All their messages and support mended my broken heart in an instant and made me feel that this blogging community I am part of really IS a community and can be there for me.

I know what the cynics will say: it’s easy to look suportive on social media, they don’t really mean it, you are in competition with each other….But you know what? For once, I want the cynics to shut up. Nobody forced anyone to be nice to me, to engage with me, to share their experience with me. Nobody was expected to say anything, to listen to me, to offer help.

So I want to focus on the good that has come out of this experience and I want to say THANK YOU to the people who were there for me during this time:  I don’t take any of this for granted, I will always remember your kind words and I will be there for you if you ever need me in the blogging world or outside it. Travel bloggers and friends: you rock!

How blogging broke my heart and patched it up again


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