5 reasons to choose a ‘Holiday Village’ Holiday

We are great city explorers but when it comes to relaxation, nothing beats the pleasure and convenience of an all-inclusive family holiday in a beach resort.

What can be better than chilling poolside while your kids laugh their summer away trying out new activities and making new friends?

After a winter as long as this one, I feel a week away in the sun without chores to take care of is exactly what I need and, after a bit of research, I think I found the perfect choice: Falcon Holiday Villages.

What are Falcon Holiday Villages?

Falcon are one of Ireland’s largest tour operators and Holiday Village is one of their offerings.

They are all inclusive holiday packages in several locations across Europe and cater specifically for families with young children looking for a fun and stress-free resort holiday in the sun.

Holiday Villages have accommodation, restaurants and entertainment on site and run kids clubs open to children from age 0 to 11.

The specific facilities vary from village to village but the standard and offering is the same across the different locations and comprises of ‘HV Live’ entertainment, exclusive to Holiday Villages’ Clubs, meet-and-greets with the Widgets, expert-run swim, stage and football academies, outdoor activities including archery, Water Walkerz and raft-building, Child-friendly buffets and at least 2 à la carte restaurants.

Good to know: Falcon Holidays are part of the TUI Travel PLC Group of companies. They are one of Ireland’s largest tour operators and offer not just resorts but also a ticketing service: flights are available from the UK and airports across Ireland. 

5 reasons to love Holiday Village

Falcon Holiday Villages Pool
Photo credit: Falcon Holidays, all rights reserved

1. Easy to reach locations

Holiday Villages are in several countries.

In Spain, they are in Ibiza, Majorca, Tenerife and Costa del Sol. In Portugal, they are in the Algarve and, in Greece, they are in Rhodes and Kos.

The destinations are all well known to tourists and this means that connections from this part of the world are frequent and easy. This makes a huge difference as I have often stumbled upon tempting locations to then realise it would take me 25 hours and 3 flight transfers to get there!

While we haven’t yet been to Greece with the kids, we have explored Spain extensively and can vouch for how family friendly and pleasant it is.

Portugal is next on the list (we are going at Easter!) but I have no doubt it will turn out to be as beautiful and welcoming as it sounds: make sure you check back in with us in a few weeks to see our full report about it!

2. Kid-friendly swimming pools and splash areas

When I showed the HV website to my kids, one thing stood out for them: their beautiful pools and water parks!

They literally screamed with excitement and if you look at the images (courtesy of Falcon holiday) you can see why!

The village in costa del sol has an onsite water park and beach club and several pools with sea views. The one in Ibiza has access to a water park and they are all strategically close to the beach so you can mix and match beach fun and pool time.

On the HV site, I saw mentions of splash-a-tons and I got myself particularly excited by the water walkers!

Falcon Holiday Village water activities
Photo credit: Falcon holidays. All rights reserved.

The proximity to the beach and the extensive pool areas are one of the things I always look for in a resort. With kids, I like to arrange our days with a few hours on the beach in the morning, when the sun is bearable, and then move on to pool time.

I find this gives a good pace to our day and a allows for a change of scenery without having to compromise on water time.

3. Expert run activities and academies

The other thing that caught my kids’ attention was this photo of the high ropes assault course.

Mr M is obsessed with ziplining and doesn’t think twice about throwing himself off a tree, no matter how tall it is. When he saw in the HV he could to it to his heart content and in its shorts (as opposed to his many layers, see the photo below, from earlier in the year!), he was basically sold.


Zip lining wicklow adventure: me and my son on suspended wooden pathways
The things we do for ou children! Me and Mr M on our tree adventure


Little Ms E is not as keen with high places and preferred other ideas: the one I would probably see her joining is the archery – she had a go at it earlier in the year and though it was the best sports ever.

One thing I am particularly attracted to, in the Holiday Villages, are the academies.

These are special, expert run programmes for kids to get fully immersed in their favourite sport: depending on the resort they have football, swim and even stage academy!

As well as kids activities, the Holiday Villages offer kids club catering for babies and young toddlers. These clubs are managed by expert staff, fully vetted and follow UK quality standards, so you can expect the same quality you are used to at home. 


The high rope assault course: would YOU dare? Photo credit: Falcon holiday, do not use without permission

4. Live entertainment

Nothing screams ‘holiday’ to me more than outdoor evening entertainment: when the sun starts to set, I love to still be able to sit outside, listening to music and watching performances and the Holiday Villages offer family friendly shows to suit all ages.

My kids are both very shy and are not the types to step on stage but I wonder: maybe if they join the stage academy during the day, they may get a taste for it and surprise me with a live performance! Wouldn’t that be fun?

5. Great food options

Little M E is famous for being a fussy eater. When she was 3, she proudly declared that she ‘only liked 5 foods’ and proceeded to list variations on a diet made of bread and pasta.

On holiday, we love a resort that allows for both time on the beach and pool time

I am therefore particularly tempted by the food options at the Holiday Villages. They offer several choices, including a la carte restaurants and kid-friendly buffets and considering how gorgeous the food is in Spain, Greece and Portugal, I am sure the selection would be delicious and encounter the approval of my fussy little one.


Overall, I love the sound of the Holiday Village offers and I think they would be perfect for a resort, stress-free holiday in Southern Europe. Is a holiday like this something you would enjoy? Which village would you choose?

Bye bye everyone, see you on the beach!


Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post brought to you in partnership with Falcon Holidays. 






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    I wonder how I’ve never heard of them before – sounds amazing for families, and I know pools top my daughter’s list. Sometimes just that and ice-cream on the list!

  2. Alex says:

    I agree – if you’re taking the family and just want a chilled out escape, these kinda things are great. Plus the entertainment is often what the kids remember at the end of it!

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