I have always been a bit of a lazy mum when it comes to Halloween, but this year I have noticed my kids getting quite excited about it, and so I decided to organise something special for them. If fun but scary is what Halloween is all about, then I think I came up with the perfect plan: we are going to a haunted maze in County Wicklow!

The maze is in Greenan farm, a very special place that we discovered this summer.  It’s a farm, cafe, playground, maze and museum less than one hour drive from Dublin, in a really beautiful stretch of the Irish countryside.

Greenan Maze, Co. Wicklow

During non-ghostly weeks, Greenan farm is  a lovely, welcoming place.  The first thing you notice, on arrival, is the lovely cottage that hosts the cafe.

Greenan house cottage and cafe, in the same estate hosting Greenan Maze

Greenan house cottage and cafe, in the same estate hosting Greenan Maze

A long, rectangular room with sloping wooden roof and windows opening onto the country, the cafe is decorated with colourful bunting and hand made curtains and has a familiar, charming and unassuming air. Solid wood tables,  a couch and a bookcase full of children books make the place a kids’ paradise and homemade cakes, soups and sandwiches keep all ages happy.

Green farm Ireland for children

The lovely interior of Greenan farm and its book case full of kids books

Let's have lunch in Greenan Farm!

Let’s have lunch in Greenan Farm!


The cafe is just at the edge of a wood, crossed by a small path and hiding something special: fairy doors! Magical, small wooden doors blend in with the trees and the leaves opening up, to the attentive observer, the secret world of fairies.
The fairy trail is adorable: the kids loved spotting the doors and this nature walk became a nice mix between a leisurely stroll and a treasure hunt: who will spot the next door first?
Fairy Trail Greenan farm

The Bear, very proud of his fairy door hunting abilities


At the end of the trail, the path leads to the small farm area, inhabited by geese and a donkey among others and then to a small, interesting museum, with old photos and impressive farming machines.

But the most peculiar part of Greenan is probably the maze: we didn’t notice it when going in (not sure how we missed it!), but the maze that gives the name to the estate lays just beside the main car park, a small entrance between the hedges inviting in anyone daring enough to enter.
The maze is a proper labyrinth with over the head high bushy sides. It is elaborate enough to make you get lost – make sure you enter with sufficient time to find your way out!! The kids had a ball and so did everyone else, with the exception maybe of some parents who had gone in with strollers: the maze is wide enough not to get stuck, but crowds of happy kids make collisions inevitable and some babies did end up waking up… The lovely playground just beside the maze restored the good mood for everyone.




The maze is also where the hunting happens during Halloween. We were told that during the Halloween week, ghosts, dementors and ghouls will take over the maze: if you happen to be there when this happens, the only way to escape their touch is to negotiate your way to the centre of the labyrinth and get the potion that will protect you from the evil.

We will be there, hoping to make the centre of the labyrinth on time: do you think we will make it?

For practical info, opening hours and details on the Halloween event, please heck out the Greenan farm website on www.greenanmaze.com

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