Fun and useful gifts for dads who love travel | Christmas 2022

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Fun and practical gifts for dads who love travel to suit all budgets and styles! Gift list updated in November 2021.

Travel may not be the most relevant activity to buy for right now; however, a dad who loves travel doesn’t overcome his wanderlust just because he is momentarily grounded!

Travel gifts are useful on the go but they are often also ideally suited to the trip between home and office.

The more practical travel presents will accompany them while away, whether on a business trip or a family vacation.

Other gifts are travel-themed and ideal for dads who love a touch of cosmopolitan and international syle even when at home.

As a family, we adore to travel and travel inspired gifts are consistently among the most successful.

This is my selection of fun and practical travel gifts for dads: I have selected them from online sources so that you can get them straight to your door!

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Functional and fun gifts for dads who love travel

Wireless headphones – for dads who love music on the go

If dad loves music, wireless headphones are a great present that he can use both at home and while traveling.

Over the ear, padded, black headphones for dads
Image served by Amazon: click for price and specs!

They come in several shapes and colors, have different specs and quality of sound.

They can be easily carried on road trips and even on planes and they are the perfect travel companion for music lovers or for business trips.

My husband adores his.

He uses them on the go, but also during Zoom conversations and work conferences.

Those we got for him have soft padding so he can wear them for long periods without discomfort.

They are also adjustable and professional-looking.

They also came with a handy carry case, perfect for travel and easy storage at home.

Alternative gift idea! If you are buying for a dad who also loves sports, opt for mens’ earbuds instead. They are perfect for running and less bulky to carry around. The quality and comfort are not as high as over-the-ear- headphones but they can be a great gift for dads instead of or in addition to a padded set.

Check prices here ( several models and price points available)

A GoPro Camera

Budget permitting, another great gift for dads who love travel and immortalize their adventures on camera is a Go Pro Camera.

GoPros are small yet powerful action cameras that allow you to capture wide-angle shots (amazing for landscapes) and make videos of sport activities.

They are tiny in size and they come with several mounts that allow you to fix them on a bike bar, helmet, chest or wrist: they are water-resistant and rugged, as they are custom-built for sports and outdoor pursuits.

They are a great gift for hikers and photography enthusiasts alike and they are perfect for family holidays as they will resist water and bumps.

They come in several models at price points.

Find models, prices and specs here.

A drone

Drone videos and photography have grown in popularity massively in the last few years.

This means that now many drones are reasonably affordable.

A drone can be a great gift for traveling dads.

Depending on your destination, you may need special permission to film but the results are stunning and they can also use them in the backyard to practice: guaranteed fun for them and the kids!

Drones come with massively different specs and at all kinds of prices. You can start here to get an idea of price points and specs.

A day bag especially for new dads

If you are looking for a father’s day gift for a new dad, you may want to consider a diaper bag that is made specifically for cool dads.

While the idea of a diaper bag may not seem glamorous, you are likely to change your mind once you see those on the market now: some are truly fabulous and clearly made with the hipster dad in mind!

Despite being functional, with all they may need for changing needs on the go, they look stylish, discreet and they can easily double up as standard rucksacks for days when they are out on their own.

You can have a look at this one for inspiration or check out our favorite models in this buying guide

A travel shaving set

Another gift for dads who love travel but they can also use at home is a travel shaving set.

Men shaving kit and bag

In our house, growing a beard goes hand in hand with being on vacation and tending to it so it looks good on photos has often been a vacation pastime…

If you have a beard-crazy dad, a travel shaving set can strike the perfect balance between fun and useful. Check shaving kit models and prices here

A stylish, handcrafted gentlemen travel gift set

Another great travel gift for dads who love their grooming is this stylish handcrafter gentlemen gift set from Uncommon Goods.

This is a portable set presented in an Alabama wooden box and it has a bar of soap, unscented shea-butter cream and shaving oil. Find specs and price here.

Gentlemen gift set for travel with men grooming products in wooden box.
Men grooming kit in wooden box

A travel blanket

Another useful gift for travel is a good quality travel blanket. This one from UncommonGoods folds tiny and it is perfect ah home and on the road.

Image of travel blanket, red and black
Red travel blanket

A travel blanket is a fantastic stocking stuffer and will make a world of difference on the plane.

It is pretty cool to find yourself surrounded by a soft travel blanket you know it’s super clean rather than the plastic-y one the airline gives you!

A Nano-Dry towel

A nano dry towel is a super versatile gift that dads can use while on vacation but also at home (after work gym, sauna etc).

This one from UncommonGoods is super light, very quick drying, it comes with a handy carry case.

It also looks super stylish!

A travel towel allows us to travel light no matter where we go and it is one of our must-haves on all trips. You can check prices and specs of the one in the photo here.

quick dry towel for travel, grey
Quick-dry towel for travel, grey

A carry on cocktail kit – a fun, unusual gift for traveling dads!

From the useful to the just for fun, I came across this carry-on cocktail kit for dads and I couldn’t resist.

Super portable and pretty, this travel cocktail kit seems perfect for a moment of relaxation no matter where you are.

Check them out here.

Portable cocktail kit
Portable cocktail kit

Minibar travel set

When you travel with family, you may not get the opportunity to lounge on a terrace with cocktails and much as you did pre-kids, but you don’t have to give it up either!

For those times when you are in your vacation rental, you can whip us your own cocktail if you have a portable mini-bar set!

This one has all you need for vacation bartending and dads can use it at home too.

A portable coffee kit for dads on the go

If the dad you are buying for is anything like the one we have in our house, then he is sure to love this portable coffee maker.

Good coffee goes a long way to help you start the morning with the right foot, but hotel machines and bars are not always up to the task.

With this portable coffee maker for dads, you put matters back into their own hands.

They can use it on a work trip but they are also perfect for camping. If you love coffee too, this can be a great travel gift for dads you can enjoy too!

portable coffee maker
Portable coffee maker

The minipresso machine is super portable, can come with you pretty much no matter where you go.

Paired up with a good quality travel coffee mug, will keep your caffeine-loving dad happy all day long.

Map and Travel inspired glasses and

A super fun gift for dads who love travel are these map engraved glasses!

Glasses with maps of cities engraved on the sides
glasses with engraving of city maps

I have found them on UncommonGoods and they look stylish in the home they are a bit of a treat for dads who love maps and/or have a special destination they are particularly fond of.

You can find the exact specs and price here.

A bento box

My husband bought his first bento box years ago and has been addicted ever since as they are perfect for travel and even just the trip to the office!

A bento box is a great-looking lunchbox that is super portable and easy to clean.

They come in several shapes, sizes and materials.

For dads, I love the Japanese-inspired ones with black and neutral tones, perfect for the office and to stay stylish no matter where you are.

Find price and specs here.

Black and wood bento box
Black and wood bento box

I hope this collection of gift ideas for dads who love travel came in handy. This post was originally published in 2018 and has now been fully updated (Nov 2021)

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