Cool family friendly places to eat in Dublin

Cool family friendly restaurants in Dublin the whole family can enjoy. Italian, Asian, street food and more for families with kids of all ages. 

I love eating out in Dublin with the kids.

We go out for lunch most weekends, sometimes locally and sometimes in town, and while it is never a budget friendly affair, I love the holiday feeling that comes with a meal out and the weekend always feels a little longer.

However, before eating out became a pleasure, I had to put in some work.

Dublin is full of places to eat, in town you have one at every step, but only some of them are family friendly and some of those who are, are family friendly in the sense that they cater for kids but are not that great for grown ups.

Today, I out together a list of family friendly restaurants in Dublin I actually enjoy and that received the approval of the kids too.

Please note: I have no connection with these establishments and I received no compensation or incentive to list them.

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Cool family friendly restaurants in Dublin for kids and grown ups


Probably the best known of all family friendly restaurants in Dublin, Milano temps kids and parents with good quality Italian food ranging from pizza to pasta to Italian desserts.

They have a good kids menu that comes with a paper hat for the kids and colouring pens, kids size portions and drinks (juice, water), high chairs and space for buggies and strollers.

Milano has several branches around Dublin and we usually hang around the one in Ranelagh as it is less busy than other but they have several locations including Dawson street, Dundrum, Dun Laoghaire and more

Dunne and Crescenzi

Another Italian restaurant with a different feel and proposition to Milano, Dunne and Crescenzi is family friendly in the Italian way.

pici senesi (pasta)

Here there is nothing that is specifically for kids (except for high chairs) but kids are welcome and the food meets the taste of most small mouths.

While they do not have a ids men as such the portions are not huge (still good though!) so my kids usually polish them off.

If in doubt, order just for yourself and give a bit to you child: the staff is not fussy about how many plates / people you order for and are happy to bring you a spare plate for the kids.

Several locations, my favourite being the ones in Dundrum and Sandymount


If pizza is what you are after, the place that gets my vote (and I am a fussy born and bread Roman!) is Revolution pizza in Rathgar.

This small restaurant doesn’t have a lot of space for buggies or kids menus but they have delicious pizza and they offer it in kid size too (you may get the nice pizza-maker to make it for the kids in the shape of  a heart, if they are in the mood!).

Address: 10 Terenure Rd E, Rathgar, Dublin 6

Powerscourt Town House

Powercourt townhouse makes this list for convenience more than anything else. In the centre of town, this place offers goods kids menu, good kids facilities (part of the shopping centre) and is a great refuge if you are caught by the rain while in town.

Address: Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, 59 William St S, Dublin 2

Yamamori Noodles

The long line of buggies parked at the entrance of Yamamori gives away the family friendliness of the place and indeed, kids here are welcome.

The place offers decent Asian food and simple dishes such as noodles and stir fries are usually appreciated by kids as well, even if there is no kids menu as such available

Address:  73 South Great George’s Street, Dublin

Brasserie 66

Brasserie 66 is not a place that strikes you as child friendly but if you liked their food before you had kids, you’ll be happy to hear that kids are welcome and catered for.

The restaurant has some booster seats and child dishes at a reduced price: ask the server for details as I don’t recall seeing a kids menu as such.

Address: 66-67 South Great George’s Street, Dublin


Saba is one of the go to places in Dublin for Thai food and I was delighted when I discovered they do cater for little ones too.

Their kids menu has quite an extensive choice of Asian inspired kids favourite (rice, stir fry, chicken wings etc) and has the extra bonus of coming with gluten free and vegetarian options. This is a great family friendly restaurant in Dublin if you are after and Asian fix in nice surroundings.

Address: 26-28 Clarendon St, Dublin 2

 Carluccio’s restaurant

I’ve always loved Carluccios’ Italian fare (I am partial to their ravioli) and my kids now love it too.

To families, they offer a kids menu with the possibility of picking the pasta shape you want and the sauce of your liking: a simple thing that makes kids feel engaged and makes eating with fussy eaters immensely easier (especially if the fussy eaters in question are very opinionated about pasta type like my two!)

Address: 52 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Eat yard

Alternative, outdoor and fun, the eat yard is not family friendly because of its facilities but because of its totally laid back, relaxed atmosphere.

Coming here is more like going to the park than going to the restaurant and this is what makes this place fun: good burgers, nachos, Indian snacks are just part of the street food available from the food trucks. Good for a sunny day.

Address: Richmond St S, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

Eden Grill

Family friendly in the traditional sense of the way, Eden grill offers a kids menu filled with all time kids favourites. Sausages and mash, burgers, chicken and pasta, all in kids sizes, are available and come followed by a delicious ice cream.

Address: 7 William St S, Dublin 2

The Market Bar

The vast market bar is popular with families with buggies and strollers mosty because of the vast space available.

The food here is tapas and while I have never found it particularly exciting, I do recommend this address because of the central location and the good facilities.

Address: 14A Fade St, Dublin 2

The Old Mill restaurant

I love the food at the old mill and  I also love that they cater for kids with special menus inspired by favourite cartoons.

Among other things you can choose between a Bob the builder burger or a whinnies the pooh breaded chicken before indulging in vanilla ice cream (soft drink included in the price)

Address: 14 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Crabby Joes

This is our favourite place in Howth, where we usually go when we feel like some fresh fish. The kids here are welcome by a skids menu and colouring pencils.

Address: 14 W Pier, Howth, Co. Dublin


Avoca is well known for its delicious food, both in the restaurant and market area, and many of its restaurants cater well for kids with a specialised children menu.

I am partial to the one in Monkstown most of all (salt café) since it has a lot of space, which is lacking in the one in town (something that can be problematic with a stroller).

Foam Terenure

This is a local for me and place you may not encounter if you are visiting Dublin for abroad but we love it. Relaxed and laid back, they have a lovely weekend brunch catering for kids too.

My two are obsessed with the blueberry pancakes and the ‘not so hot’ chocolate just for them but you have also savoury options available with brunch favourites such as scrambled eggs.

Address: 3 Terenure Pl, Terenure, Dublin 6

The Hazel House

If you are heading towards the Dublin mountains, do make a stop at the cute Hazel house, a cafe with (tiny) playground and wood workshop perches on the Rathfarnham hills.

Serving nice food such as mezze platters, salads, muffins etc this is a great place for a small meal and a hit with the kids because of the swing outside and the proximity of the farm animals, just beside the cafe.

Address: Blackberry Lodge, Mutton Ln, Tibradden, Co. Dublin

I hope you enjoyed this list of cool places to eat in Dublin with kids. Safe travels!

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