I always say that there is no better way to get to know a place than to take a cooking class and break bread together with a local.

So it will come as no surprise to you that one of the activities that I always recommend is a cooking class in Rome, and more specifically in Trastevere, one of its oldest and most charming neighborhoods.

I first heard about this cooking class, unusually, through my mum. Unlike me, she is not particularly keen on cooking classes, but she knew about this one as chef Andrea is the nephew of a close friend of hers  and so she passed me his details for me to check it out.

This cooking class is 4 hour-long (5 if you include welcome and chat) and it takes place in the wonderful kitchen of your teacher in Trastevere, in Rome. You can find all practical info and booking form here

Trastevere is a really interesting part of Rome: its name derives from the Latin ‘trans Tiberim’ (to the other side of the Tiber, or beyond the Tiber,  the Rome river) and indeed its located o the opposite bank from il Palatine, the oldest Roman settlement.

Trastevere is full of beautiful churches, restaurants, and hidden corners and it is usually described as one of the few parts of the city where you can still feel the ‘real Rome’. Indeed, while Trastevere is well-known to tourists (I would even say very well known), you can still find here a spirit that is now lost in others parts of the city and I believe is a must see for anyone spending even just a few days in Rome.

The best way to visit it? By taking a walk along its small, cobbled streets, after a cooking class and tasty meal in the company of  a Roman chef 😉

The class, as I mentioned, is 4 hour long and takes place in the morning. It is open to anyone with an interest in cooking (no experience necessary) and will involve you in the hands on preparation of a 4 course typically Roman meal.

Under the careful eye and expert supervision of chef Andrea, you will learn how to make roman starters, then a pasta dish (yes, you will make pasta from scratch, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves!), a second course and finally a dessert.

cooking class rome

Pasta alla carbonara is one of the most mis-cooked Roman dishes of all times

The level of difficulty of the dishes varies, but you will learn at least one dish you can easily replicate at home and one that is a bit more challenging. You will also learn cooking techniques like chopping (not as straight forward as it may seem) and stuffing, which are always useful as they can really make a difference in how the dish turns out.

The class is followed by a super satisfying meal during which you will enjoy the fruits of your labour and will pat yourself on the back for the great result achieved!

Have I picked your interest yet? If so, you can get additional information and even book your place online through the lovely folks of Select Italy, who provide a wonderful booking system for this and other classes in Italy.

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