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Canada has a very special place in the heart of our family: it was the first country we visited with a home exchange and the experience was so successful, we periodically fantasise about relocating and making Canada our home. We haven’t visited the whole of Canada, but we were lucky enough to spend time in both Quebec and Ontario  and both areas wowed us with a great family friendly atmosphere, fantastic scenery, thriving urban culture and delicious food.

These were some of our highlights. The links will lead you to the relevant article: to see a list of al our Canada related post, just scroll down.

Family Travel Canada Blog Posts

Montreal: Montreal was our home away from home during the summer of 2014. Our article about the city highlights the 10 things and attractions we enjoyed the most and it’s a good introductory guide to visiting  Montreal with kids. At the time, our children were 2 and 4 and the attractions are chosen for being toddler-friendly  and a strong emphasis is given to accessibility.

Mont Tremblant National Park: from Montreal, we took a weekend camping trip to wonderful Mon Tremblant. When we booked our tickets to Canada, we knew we wanted to experience the country’s beautiful landscapes and Mont Tremblant treated us to exactly the kind of natural beauty we had been longing for: gorgeous mountain peaks, blue sky and crashing river, it was the perfect taste of the outdoors and a very family friendly location.

Toronto: we only had two days in Toronto but we had so much family fun, the city stayed in our memory as exceptionally welcoming and friendly.

Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls have been on my travel list since I was a kid and, during this trip, I was lucky enough to be able to finally see them. People had told me not to expect much, that they are highly touristy and overrated, but I disagree. Our day trip from Toronto to the Niagara Falls brought me face to face with these giants cascades of water and I will never forget the feel that their might bestowed on me: they made me giddy ith excitement and they stay, to date, as one of the most beautiful and powerful natural attractions I have ever seen.

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