If you follow this blog, you may know that Bali has been high on my travel list for a long time now. I have never been to the island of the Gods, but its rich culture, luscious vegetation and crystal clear waters make me think it would be the perfect destination for a leaning escape, especially considering it is often referred to as one of the most family friendly countries in the world.

I don’t have an exact date for when we are going to go to Bali (I am hoping next year) but the planning wheels are in motion and I have started collecting info already. I started off my research chatting with a Bali with kids expert, Kate Comer, family travel writer at www.rollingalongwithkids.com, a site entirely dedicated to visiting this wonderful island with family!

Kate has been generous enough to contribute with this article, where she shares the best cultural activities in Bali families can partake into.  I loved reading her tips and my desire to go to Bali immediately grew tenfold!

I hope you enjoy it!

Bali With Kids

Bali is a very popular destination for families from aroun the world due to the wide range of activities and how welcoming the Balinese are of kids. The majority of Balinese adhere to Balinese Hindu, making it an amazing, colourful place to visit with kids due to the ceremonies and daily offerings the locals are involved in.

If you are after things to do in Bali with kids and would love to explore the cultural side of Bali, here are a list of kids activities in Bali that are not only a fun experience but educational as well.

Visit one of the many Bali temples

A great way to teach the kids about Bali culture is to visit one of the many temples on the Island of Gods.

The kids will love wearing a sarong with learning to respect and learn about another culture a great educational experience. I recommend hiring a driver to take you around to the different temples.

Here is our list of recommended drivers that also have car seats for younger kids. They can often provide information about different cultural aspects of Bali and help you to avoid any scams that may be present at different ‘tourist’ areas.

Here are a couple of temples that are great to visit with kids in Bali:

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is set on the beach in Canggu making it an accessible temple to visit and with gorgeous sunset views. It’s one of the most popular temples to visit in Bali so if you are after a quiet, tourist free experience, Tanah Lot is not for your family.

Besakih Temple

Located about 2 hours from Seminyak, it is Bali’s largest and holiest Hindu temple. The entire complex features at least 86 temples that are surrounded by scenic rice fields and mountain views as it’s built on the slopes of Mt Agung.

The whole complex is huge and most of the shrines and statues can only be accessed by steep stairs, so not the best with young kids. Pura Penataran Agung, the main temple, is a great temple to check out if you don’t have much time to explore.

Tirta Empul

Worshippers head to Tirta Empul to be cleansed and purify their souls from negative energy. Located close to the town of Tampaksiring, it’s a 30 minute drive north of Ubud. Fascinating to watch as the Balinese immerse themselves in the water performing their rituals. Next head to the large koi pools full of fish that are fun for the kids to feed the fish.


Visit a Balinese village with a local

One of our most memorable experiences of all our Bali trips, was our visit with our nanny to a local village in Sideman.


The village was 1.5 hr drive from Sanur and we had the most wonderful time and watching the kids smiles when they were playing with the village kids was fantastic. Our nanny Berta had become involved with the village after she visited the area on a day trip and became touched by a family that had lost their Dad and the kids had to be sent away to other family so that the Mum could work. Being invited in to a villagers house to enjoy tea was such a beautiful experience and the generosity of the locals something I will never forget.

Visit Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Center Ubud

Pondok Pekak is a fantastic place that promotes cultural awareness and is located on Jalan Monkey Forest Ubud. There are a variety of activity classes for kids including dance, traditional music, children’s gamelan, fruit carving, reading at the quiet library, playing educational games or puzzles and many other things. Comes highly recommended.


Visit Bali Cultural Creation

This place is located in Denpasar and has interesting activities like Balinese Dance, Balinese Gamelan Music, Balinese Painting, Balinese Woodcarving, Balinese Cooking, Batik Making, Offering Making, Photo Sessions, Silver Jewellery Making and many other programs for both kids and adults.

A great hands on experience for your kids that is located closer to the tourist areas of Seminyak and Kuta.

Visit the Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud is well known as the cultural centre of Bali. The Ubud Royal Palace was built in the early 19th century and is the main cultural attraction in Ubud. The palace, named by the locals as Puri Saren, is known for its architecture, lovely gardens and traditional local art market making it a great spot in Ubud with kids.

If you would like to visit the palace the front section is open daily to the public and the night time dance performances with gamelan orchestras, perform each night and highlight different aspects of Balinese dance.

Visit Devdan Show in Nusa Dua

For families that don’t want to travel long distances to visit cultural sites of Bali but still want their kids to have a glimpse into Bali culture, the Devdan Show in Nusa Dua comes highly recommended.

It’s a high energy, visual tour of Indonesian culture and diversity that features a fusion of traditional Indonesian dance activities with modern contemporary dance and aerial acrobatic displays. The 90-minute performance is very dynamic and spectacular, keeping the kids thoroughly entertained.

Take a bike ride through the rice paddies of Bali

There are companies like Bali Bike Baik or Bali Eco Cycling that run cycling tours that show of the ‘Real Bali’. They expose the family to a Bali other visitors may never see and their experienced guides explain Bali culture and the relationship the Balinese have with their beautiful island.

They are a great way to see the countryside and are perfect with younger kids as the tour companies have bikes with toddler seats and often tandem bikes.

Bali is great place to travel to with kids and getting out of your hotel or villa to explore will leave you and your kids with so many great memories that will last forever

Thank you Kate for this great post! I hope can meet in Bali very soon.

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