The other day I received an unexpected and exciting tweet: Maria of Global Brunch had nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. How exciting!

I met Maria, if I can use this verb, on one of my favourite twitter chats, #CultureTrav, who brings together people who love to travel in the same slow, aware way that I do. While we never met in person, I am very fond of all the exchanges we have on this chat and the fact that this award comes from someone I know and read, makes it even more meaningful.

When I first started this blog, writing was a bit of a solitary endeavour. I would sit at my kitchen table (still, my blogging location of choice), read, write and send the posts out to the wider cyber world.

At the start, the readers were few, so few I could tell with almost absolute certainty that the two visitors from Italy, repeatedly appearing in my stats, were my mum and my best friend back home. My mailing list was pretty much made of the same two people, with the notable exception of my husband, who would receive the email but never read it (he doesn’t know that, with few reader, you can guess this!).

But then, thanks to chats as well as more writing, things started to change. Soon the blog became a way to be in touch with people all over the world, a way to open up my kitchen and my day to different experiences and ideas.

As a way to say THANK YOU to Maria and to the other amazing bloggers that make my day so much more interesting, I am passing this award on to ten more women, whose blogs I hope you will check out!

If you receive the award, in theory you should abide the following rules:

• Thank the blogger who nominated you and add a link to their blog in your post.
• Answer the questions provided by the blogger who nominated you.
• Nominate ten other bloggers.
• Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

I know this sounds very much like a chain and a bit of a chore and in this sense I’d like to assure the 10 of them: while I’d love to read your answers, there is no bad karma if you decide not to reply!

I hope you all enjoy receiving the award and, if you don’t know Maria, check out her blog here!

So here we go. First, my answers:

1.) What’s your favourite place to visit in your home country?

My favourite place in Italy is a small valley in the Dolomites called ‘Val fiscalina’ It’s a place of incredible natural beauty and it’s dear to me because it’s were I always went on holidays with my parents as a child. I never tire of it: can you believe I was there for 20 summers in a row?

2.) What’s the longest time you’ve ever been on the road and where did you go?

I know it’s not exactly ‘on the road’, but I’ve been living abroad for 10 years now, in Ireland. I left home in 2003 to go to Brussels, supposedly for 5 months… 12 years later, I am still abroad! A part from this, I think my longest trip was to India, for 3 weeks. Amazing!
3.) Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter – what’s your favourite season to travel?

All! But probably spring, because of that sense of renewal you always get at that time of the year. I also love Autumn, because of the colours of the trees
4.) What’s the friendliest place you’ve visited?

I found Japan super friendly, despite the pretty high language barriers… I don’t think I ever smiled and got smiled to as often as in Japan! Also, I found everybody going above and beyond to help me, whenever I looked lost, which was pretty often…
5.) Where would you never go back to?

I’d go everywhere again, but when I was in Korea I wasn’t in a great place personally (nothing to do with Korea itself) so this affects how I feel abut the place. That said, if the opportunity arose, I would go again and try modify that impression with new, better memories!

6.) If you could do a road trip anywhere in the world, where would that be?

I’d love to travel through Argentina, all the way down to the extreme south, to see the peaks and the glaciers

7.) What’s the best street food dish you have tried and where was it? Share a pic if you’ve got one.

Sushi in Japan! I had it everywhere and fell in love with their take away bento boxes


Not a bento box, but still one of the photos that makes me crave for sushi the most

8.) Share a picture of your favourite natural scenery!

Val fiscalina

Val Fiscalina, Italy

9.) Hotel, Airbnb, hostel or CouchSurfing what’s your accommodation of choice and why?

I love AirBnB because I love to see other people houses! I am also fond of home exchange, for the same reason. Would love to try couch -surfing, but have never done it

10.) What’s your favourite place in the world and why is it so special?

This is a hard one! A part from val Fiscalina,  I guess Dublin: it’s been home for 10 years and my kids were born here: pretty special place for me 🙂

Then,  most importantly, my nominations:

  1. My feet are meant to roam
  2. Nicolette Orlemans
  3. Jessica Lipowski
  4. Italophilia
  5. My adventures across the world
  6. Un po’ di pepe
  7. My travel monkey
  8. Travellous world
  9. Packing my suitcase
  10. The dare project

Also, I’d like to give a special mention to my escape dream, who thought of me for the liebster award. Thank you!

Finally, my questions!

  1. How did you get the idea of writing a blog?
  2. What do do you like to most about blogging?
  3. Is there something you wrote you are particularly fond of? Share it!
  4. Where is home for you, right now?
  5. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
  6. If you could travel with anyone (including fictional characters  and anyone you can think of) who would it be?
  7. Is there a special place in the world you always want to go back to?
  8. Is there a special activity or experience you’d like to try?
  9. Do you have a particularly funny or awkward travel moment you’d like to share?
  10. What is the best thing about being back home, after a trip?

I hope you all have fun with it!


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