I have always loved drafting itineraries. Researching what a city has to offer, marking places of interest on the map, figuring out the best way to get from one attraction to the next have always been my ways to get excited about a destination before the actual trip would happen. For many years I did this on paper, with a traditional foldable map, but just recently this little pastime of mine has taken a technological leap: first it became this blog and then, from this week, it made it into a fully fledged travel app!

It is an exciting development and one that was only made possible thanks to the lovely folks at GPSmycity. You might remember them from an article that I I wrote a few months ago (if you missed it, you can find it again here): GPSmycity are the creators of travel apps with ready-made itineraries for many cities around the world. The itineraries are available for download on both the apple store and google play and are a fantastic, light-packer friendly way to explore a new city: each itinerary is drafted on the basis of a high-quality travel article written by a local expert and takes the shape of an interactive map available on your phone.

It is a handy way to bring with you the articles you love the most: once downloaded, the apps are available offline (so you can for instance study them while on the plane) and  they are connected to gps, so they won’t just tell you where to go, but will also show it to you on a map as you walk along.

I am personally a fan of GPSmycity travel apps: I tried myself a few of them and was impressed with the quality of their content. I was therefore delighted when they asked me if I wanted to join their team of travel authors and, from today, you will be able to download my very own travel articles in the form of their interactive app!

To launch this new step in my partnership with them, for this week only you will be able to download  my full itineraries for free: this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the full version of the app and see if you like it. I am sure you will and will soon come back for more! At the moment, the itineraries available are one about Rome and one about Berlin, but more are about to come out, including a fabulous, family friendly one about Dublin. To get them, all you need to do is follow the links to my articles and download the GPSmycity app.

I hope you will enjoy following my footsteps and please do let me know about your impressions of the cities you visit!


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