One of my most successful posts to date is the one I published a couple of days ago about the olive picking holiday in Umbria. So I thought it was a good idea to write about a day olive oil tour that can be experiences as a day trip from Rome and is available all year round (almost!)

This tour is:

  • a one day tour of an olive grove
  • organised by Convivio Rome
  • perfect for anyone interested in olive oil, slow food and ancient production methods
olive oil tour near Rome

Olive oil and freshly sliced bread: sometimes the simple things are the best ones

The tour I recommend takes place in Sabina and it is a one day food experience perfect for those who are vacationing in  Rome and wish to discover the beautiful countryside surrounding the city. It’s organised by two lovely people, Guido and Sally, who have made Sabina their home and who have a real passion for both the area and its food. They also hold cooking classes: you might want to have a look here

Half day olive oil tour near Rome

Where: The tour will bring you to visit an olive grove in Sabina,  near the medieval village of Toffia and overlooking the ancient monastery of Farfa. Only 30 minutes away from Rome and with excellent train connections, Sabina is the perfect gateway if you want to experience the slow pace of Italian country living while having your base in Rome.

When: almost any day of the year, the harvesting season (September – November) being the most popular and most fun time to visit

What: a 3 hour guided tour of an organic olive grove, a family run farm where olive oil is still produced using the traditional techniques,  followed by an olive oil tasting session.

What will you learn: with the help of an expert, English speaking guide, you will learn about the ancient art of olive oil making, from harvesting to milling and bottling. You will also learn about the many different types of olive trees and  the variety of olives and olive oils that can be found in the region of Sabina. You will also see the most ancient olive tree in Europe, which is over 2000 years old!

You will also discover the numerous uses for olive oil from pre-Roman times to today and see how the final product is actually a blend of different flavours, giving each oil its specific taste.

At the end of the tour you will have a tasting session of the olive oil produced in the local estates, that you will enjoy with its perfect complement: freshly baked bread! The tasting also includes a glass of wine and a taste of prosciutto and locally produced pecorino cheese: the perfect send off after a day trip in the country!

if you want to know more or you wish to make a booking, you can contact Guido and Sally directly through their website. Please, when booking, give them my best!

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