One of Paolo Coelho’s most famous quotes says ‘And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’.

I am not sure how I feel about this quote, but there is no doubt that some things, sometimes,  feel like they are meant to be and the universe, to keep Coelho’s word, is sending us signals for us to take a certain course of action.

In my case the universe (or maybe a very good marketing strategy) seemed keen in having me taste gelato from a gelateria I’ve only recently heard about but really wanted to try: ‘Come il latte’.

I was in Rome a couple of weeks ago and in the days preceding my trip I stumbled into the name of this gelateria a few times: it was in the NY Times ’36 hours in Rome’ video and in many blogs about Italy I read. Sure enough it also appeared on the google map I was consulting when looking at the exact location of one of my work appointments in Rome.

I had no excuses: I just HAD to get a gelato there.

Come il latte is located in Rome city centre, on a little street just behind famous Via Veneto and Piazza Barberini: Via Silvio Spaventa.


The gelateria is a lovely shop: the owners clearly take pride in the decor of the place and made sure to give it a feel that is very different from the functional and bare look of many of the traditional gelato shop.

The colour scheme is white and gray, giving the place a cool and slightly industrial feel: the metal shelves and the milk bottles make the shop look really sleek and the piles of cones behind the bar give an immediate sense of a gourmet experience.

Come il latte, gelato in Rome

Come il latte, gelato in Rome


Come il latte prides itself in the freshness of their ingredients, so instead of having a many different flavours on display they only have a (good) few, all freshly made.

My selection was zabaione and nocciola or rather, as the handwritten board called them: ‘zabaione with fresh organic eggs’ and ’round hazelnut from Monferrato’. You’ve got to love these names!

But when I gave my order the gelataio wasn’t convinced: he told me that zabaione was still in the machine and he was not sure he could give it to me yet.


Thankfully, the universe was on my side again: despite his worry, the zabaione was ready so, after topping my gelato with plain cream (you can also choose flavoured cream) I was ready for the moment of truth: the first lick.

The gelato was AMAZING. I’ve had plenty of gelato in my life but this is definitely among the best ones I’ve had: it’s creamy, smooth and just delicious, tasting exactly as you want the ingredients to taste.

So if you go to Rome, where the universe  or this blog post brings you near via Silvio Spaventa, please have a taste and let me know if you agree if you agree with this review.

PS I have no connections with the gelateria and this review reports only my personal opinion about it.

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