It’s here!!!! My daughters’ new passport has finally arrived, which means we can soon GO ON HOLIDAYS! I am delighted: the plan is to go to Tuscany for two weeks and now that the documents are here and our house is ready to welcome out home ex changers, this holiday feels real and pretty close.

I was very worried about this  passport getting here on time, and now that it has it would be great if I could just relax. Instead, I seem to be a little bit like good old Charlie Brown, who claims that ‘the secret to life is to replace one worry with another’.

So now that the practicalities are sorted, I find myself spending mental energy to try and answer this question:

What should I do with the blog while on holiday? Should I be blogging on holiday or enjoy my time off, take notes but leave the revision and proper publishing work for when I am back?

I have been debating this with myself for a while, and i just can’t make my mind up. The web is full of blogging articles about dos and don’ts, but since there are as many opinions as websites, I thought I would probably have better luck asking YOU, dear readers, what to do.

You are the ones who have opinions about this blog (and I know some of you are amazing bloggers!)  so I can’t think of any better advice that the one coming from you 🙂

I’ll tell you my train of thoughts, then I hope you leave me a comment with your opinion on this. Of course, should you have a relevant post to share, please do!

Blogging on holiday: should I

Blogging on holiday, should I?

Blogging on holiday: pros

The first  option is for me to act like a ‘real travel blogger’ and write on the road.

I can bring my laptop with me, I can binge write about every amazing little place we see, every amazing meal we have, giving you instant impressions about everything.

This would make the blog really current: you would get my immediate impressions about places, you would know where I am and you could even give me suggestions about where to go, if you know the area.

Also, it could become a nice travel diary for me to keep.

Blogging on holiday: cons

The first con I can think of is: it might take away from my holiday.

This is my only holiday, so as much as I like blogging it would be nice not to have to ‘worry’ about it and just relax with my family.

This is a very personal reason, rather than a blogging reason, but surely the good spirit and health of the blog writer is important, so I can’t help but thinking: happy writer, happy blog. Right? As much as I like writing, I do find that a good bit of work goes into writing a blog post and I hate to think this pastime I love might become a source of stress. Which it might, should I get into the idea of reporting everyhting as soon as it happens.

Another personal reason is that while I love blogging, I do not normally share all I do on social media or any other social outlet. I have many friends who do, but it’s just something it doesn’t come natural to me. So I wonder: should I try and change my way, for the sake of the blog being current?

Finally, from a strict blogging point of view, I would probably write better posts from home. If I write once back, I have more time to spend on each post and I can polish, tweak, get background information in a way that is impossible on the road (with to kids!). I wouldn’t leave a lot of time between the trip and the post, but probably just enough to digest the experience and try put it in decent prose.

So here I am, stuck in the middle. I have been going back and forth between these two ideas for a while and I’D LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK.

How important is it for you, that a blog post is published immediately? Do you need to be on the road to publish about a destination? Do you value more a blog that is written in real time, or is the experience of a place enough to have interesting content?

I would LOVE to hear your opinion and if you have a relevant  blog post that you’ve written and you would like to share, please do so in the comments!


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