What is the best kids luggage? Is a ride on suitcase for toddlers a good investment? Is kids ride on luggage more or less comfortable than a backpack or a wheelie bag? After many experiments and numerous packing failures, we have found some answers: here is our round up of the best luggage for kids.

The next couple of months will see us travelling more than usual. A weekend in Switzerland, ten days in Rome, a short break in Stockholm and a long awaited trip to Northern California are all in the pipeline and preparations are well under way. Itineraries are ready, the home exchange is finalised and I even have my tried and tested kids packing list ready, but I still have a dilemma: shall we travel with kids suitcases or backpacks? And in general: Are backpacks or kids suitcases better when travelling with children, for convenience and back health? And is ride-on luggage for kids any good?

Over the course of the years, we have tried several packing strategies, with very mixed results and I arrived at the conclusion that there is no such thing as the best travel luggage for kids. The ‘best piece of luggage for kids’ depends on how many people are travelling, the mean of transport and the adult/child ratio – what works when you are travelling with two adults and two children will not work if you are outnumbered and what works for a road trip can be a true nightmare if applied to a plane journey.

So, in this post, I decided to go through the different kinds of kids bags and backpacks we have travelled with and give you an overview of what worked when. I do hope you find it useful and if you have experiences or additional advice, please leave a comment!

Are backpacks or kids suitcases better when travelling with children? In the photo we have adult and child rolling suitcases, a backpack and our two trunkis, all useful on different trips

As you can see, we have several luggage options and we choose one or the other depending on the trip we are planning.

Best kids luggage 2017 in a nutshell: our top picks

Please note: I am not a medical professional and the information provided in this article is based on internet research, personal experience of some of the products and parents reviews. I have collated information to the best of my ability but I cannot guarantee its reliability and accuracy: this article is meant as a general overview only. Please always check with your medical practitioner about the suitability of kids toys, gadgets and travel gear and do double check the specs of the specific product you are interested in before purchasing. 

Best toddler backpack / best preschooler backpack

for small children, we love Kikki Deuter, a small and cute backpack with a handy chest strap. Perfect to carry toys on the plane, a favourite blanket or books. It also doubles up as a school bag and hiking backpack, making it a hugely versatile purchase

Best kids ride on luggage

we are in love with Trunki ride on suitcase for toddlers. Our kids have one each and keep using it even now that that are not toddlers anymore (they are currently 4 and 6). Trunki is perfect as hand luggage as it sits comfortably under the seat in front of you in the aircraft: kids love to ride on it and while you cannot really make it a means of transport in the city, it sure makes airport corridors easier to handle.

Best kids rolling luggage

We haven’t got personal experience of this type of luggage yet but Amazon reviews and many travelling friends recommended to us the American Tourister hardside trolley, which they describe as sturdy and a solid children favourite thanks to the many Disney designs and characters available

Are backpacks or kids suitcases better when travelling with children?

As you probably already know I am a light packer so this post will focus on: children carry on luggage with wheels, children ride on luggage that can travel as carry-on and backpacks complying with hand luggage dimensions.

If you are unsure how to pack light with kids, you can have a look at my tips here.

Kids ride-on luggage and the ride on children suitcase trunki: pros and cons of a ride-on suitcase for toddlers

When I think of kids ride on luggage and kids suitcases,  the name that comes to mind is Trunki, one of the most popular and for many the best piece of kids luggage on the market. I first discovered trunki ride on suitcase for toddlers at a friends house and my immediate thoughts about it were: 1)  it is the cutest kids suitcase I have ever seen and 2) It must be the most annoying and bulky thing to travel with ever invented. As it happens, I was wrong:

As well as really cute, trunki is a fantastic piece of luggage for children and our kids’ suitcase of choice for most of our trips.

I am sure you have seen trunki: they are kids wheeled suitcases (I should probably call it a ‘toddler suitcase’ more appropriately), made of hard plastic, with cute animal faces and patterns. They have a  size that makes them perfect for a weekend away and they comply with current regulations for carry-on luggage so they can be easily brought on planes.

Kids adore them: as well as wheels, trunki comes with a strap that can be used to pull them along as if they were little pets, and the material is sturdy enough that kids can ride on them. We have two of them and we have used them both on planes and road trips. Here is what we thought of them in terms of pros and cons:

Trunki ride-on suitcase for toddlers pros

    • They are quite spacious inside and they are perfect for a weekend away or longer stays.You can find exactly how much they contain here
    • Great size for plane travel: they can be brought on board as children carry-on luggage and they just about fit under the seat in front of you
    • They close well and have a key securely attached to the strap
    • Kids can ride onto the trunki, which is great if you want to keep them entertained for a while or have short distances to cover
    • The strap makes them fun for the kids to pull: my kids are always  more willing to walk if they have trunki with them as they can pretend they are their little dog on the leash!
    • They are exceptional for road trips as they stack nicely in the car
    • They double up as a good toy box so storage when not travelling is easy

Trunki ride-on suitcase for toddler cons

      • They are quite bulky so while they are great if your child cooperates and accepts to pull them, they are uncomfortable if you have to carry both them and your toddler! This point is important to keep in mind and has put off even very experienced family travellers from using trunki who seems to divide parents’ opinions like no other object!
      • They might slow your child down: my kids are more willing to walk when pulling their trunki but they often bang it against things or people or tilt it and have to stop and pick it up. Inevitable with younger kids and not a manufacturing fault, but be aware if you are counting on it for speedy transfers.

Something to be aware of: it is very tempting to think that trunki could substitute a buggy for older children but, personally, I do not think this is the case. Trunki works well as a temporary child seat but pulling your child along on it is not recommended by the manufacturer and it is not particularly handy for the parent for more than a couple of minutes. Riding on it requires some legwork that a tired kid could get grumpy about (majour understatement for: epic meltdown)

Overall evaluation: we find trunki excellent and we do recommend it as children luggage, especially for road trips and plane journeys that do not require quick airport transfers. You can read our full trunki review or click on the image below to see all the specs on the Amazon website (affiliate link)

Children backpacks pros and cons

I am a fan of rucksacks and for my own travel I choose backpacks whenever I can: a good quality pack will evenly spread the weight on your back and will keep your hands free, which I find invaluable especially when travelling alone with kids and need to hold two little hands! I also find them useful for kids, especially for short trips.

Kids backpacks pros

      • They leave your children hands free
      • They are less likely to be left behind as you can easily keep them on while waiting in airports, stations etc (be very careful with the weight of your child backpack, make sure it is light and appropriate in size)
      • They can be easily strapped onto your own if your child gets tired of carrying them
      • Great plane carry-on choice as easily stored under the seats

Kids backpacks cons

      • Usually smaller than suitcases, even a very light packer like me find kids backpacks only useful on very short trips
      • If not chosen with care and packed properly they might hurt your child back – choose good quality ones and be extra careful with how much you put in and how. The one in the picture below is the Kikki Deuter Pack: we recently got them for the kids and they love them: they use them both as a travel and school bag – a great, versatile purchase!
      • Accessing objects at the bottom can be annoying so make sure you pack toys or anything you think your child might want to reach out for on top. For adults, I recently discovered travel backpacks that open horizontally like a suitcase (full review coming soon, I’ll put mine to the test in two weeks!) but I am not aware of this kind of solution for kids yet

Overall evaluation: a good quality backpack is great if you are travelling alone with two kids, are taking short trips or have older kids. I personally recommend them for toddlers only as an extra toy bag rather than full on luggage option.

Best Toddler and Preschool backpacks

Kikki Deuter: best toddler backpack, best preschool backpack

Click on the image to check prices and specs directly on Amazon

Kikki Deuter Kidsbackpack: Great quality, cute, comfortable backpack perfect fro small kids.

      • Perfect for young kids and weekends away.
      •  2 shoulder straps and a chest strap to evenly distribute weight
      • Good size to sit on children back
      • Several compartments to distribute weight
      • Several colours available
      • Versatile for both travel, school and hiking


Click on the image to check latest prices, colours and availability directly on Amazon


Skip Hop Zoo: another cute design for toddler backpack, complete with a (removable) rein

Rein attaches at bottom of pack for better stability
Two adjustable shoulder straps
Zippered main compartment
Mesh pocket for bottle or juice box

Backpacks for older kids

Osprey Youth series. I am a fan of Osprey product: I find their backpacks well designed in terms of compartments, of good quality and beautiful. The have a ‘youth’ series with several sized: this will be our product of choice when our kids outgrow their current backpacks

Click on the image to check latest prices, colours and availability directly on Amazon

Rolling suitcases for kids: are kids suitcases worth it?

Before I had children I thought wheeled bags were the best thing in the world: I did so many trips with them and found them so handy they were the first thing I bought for my kids when we started travelling with them. However, they didn’t prove quite as handy for family travel or at least, not in all circumstances.

Rolling bags and wheeled suitcases for kids pros

      • Easy to pull for your child and easy to stack on top of yours if needed
      • Wide range of options, prices and sizes
      • Easier to pack than a backpack especially if you have odd shaped objects (toys)
      • Easy access (especially if compared with a traditional backpack)

Rolling bags and wheeled suitcases for kids cons

      • Depending on size, they might not fit under plane seats, forcing you to get up every time your child needs anything from it (if your children are like mines, about 10 times per minute!). Also, unless you have priority boarding you might be forced to check them in last minute – with kids, under seat storage is by far the best, I believe.
      • Handles and wheels can break easily and it is worth investing in a good quality bag that you can use over and over again.  You can find many good options and extensive reviews on Amazon.com (find latest prices here)

Overall evaluation: I believe rolling suitcases are a great choice for older kids or if you don’t like or cannot use backpacks.

Kids luggage on wheels: kids rolling luggage top picks

Click on the image to check availability and latest prices directly on Amazon (both soft and hard side versions of the bag)

American Tourister kids luggage on wheels is the top selling brand on Amazon for both their soft-side and hard-side bags. Hardside luggage is particularly popular because of the added protection it offers. Product praises for this kids’ roller suitcase include:

• Printed polyester with vinyl front with a large selection of characters
• Side-mounted skate wheels for mobility
• Easy pull-handle/
• Large mesh pocket on interior panel.
• Cross-straps.
• American Tourister branding on top carry-handle, back panel and zipper pulls.




Click on the image to check availability and latest prices directly on Amazon (both soft and hard side versions of the bag)

Cabin max bear children luggage carry on trolley suitcase comes with a clever addition: a seat for the teddy! (Please note: teddy not included)

      • Features adjustable teddy ‘seat’ to suit most teddies
      • Dimensions 22″ x 15 x 9 inches.
      • 34L capacity
      • Internal pocket, external side pocket and bottle holder




More children rolling luggage

Click on the image to check availability and latest prices directly on Amazon (both soft and hard side versions of the bag)

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Travel Rolling Luggage Backpack, Ages 3+ has the same lovely characters as the kids backpack we recommended above but are a handy rolling kids suitcase.

    • – Front zip pocket keeps favorite things in easy reach
    • – Back loop keeps shoulder strap tucked away
    • – Retractable 13-inch handle for easy carry-on
    • – Elastic mesh bottle pocket
    • – Sturdy poly-canvas fabric




So, after these pros and cons, what am I going to travel with? As I said all trips are different and there is no such thing as one best kids suitcase to surpass all others, so each of my travel will see a different set up:

      • Weekend in Geneva, me alone with the kids (plane travel): One travel backpack for me + one small backpack per child
      • 10 days in Rome, two parents + two children (plane travel + day trip by car): travel backpacks for us adults + one rolling bag per child (Rome is too full of potholes for trunki, we’d spend our lived picking them up!)
      • Three weeks in  San Francisco (plane + short car trips): travel backpacks for adults + one trunki per child
      • Three days in Stockholm: I am actually going alone on this one so no kids luggage in sight! I will be bringing  my new Osprey travel backpack which I will review as soon as put to the test


What kind of luggage do you use when travelling with kids: have you fund a solution that works better than others? What do you think is the best luggage for kids?

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