Ah, the excitement of a parcel in the post! I am the keeper of the keys to our postbox and today I was looking forward to the small daily chore of checking what the postman had brought as I was expecting a parcel. Specifically, my first issue of the magazine Tutto italiano.

Tutto italiano is a new, bi-monthly audio and printed magazine designed to help intermediate and advanced learners of Italian to practise the language and improve their understanding and vocabulary. It’s a magazine that I only discovered very recently (the one I received is n. 6 and it’s the current issue) and I was so excited about it because it promised to solve a problem many Italian learners have: finding material that is useful, authentic, interesting and last but not least well presented.

A magazine for learning Italian

I trained as a teacher of Italian as a second language and I have an Italian learner in my family, my husband, so we are always keen on discovering new quality learning tools. My husband is an advanced speaker of Italian and he always challenges himself reading Italian books, but he sometimes misses a more ‘guided’ reading, something that can actually teach him useful expressions while keeping him entertained and informed.

The description I read of Tutto italiano seemed to tick all these boxes and when I had the magazine in my hands, it didn’t disappoint. Let me tell you about it in detail.

Tutto italiano is a bi-monthly publication made of two parts: a glossy magazine and an audio CD. The idea is for the students to first listen to the CD, to familiarise with authentic spoken Italian, and then deepen their understanding reading the full transcription of the piece, in the printed publication. The magazine itself is a collection of the transcripts from the CD but also a lot more than that: there you find boxes with key vocabulary from each article, some esercizi di comprensione, that you can actually fill out on the magazine itself, and some additional reading to practise vocabulary, language use and idioms. Each article is graded by level of difficulty by reference to the Common European Framework of Languages and the CILS, the articles being marked for instance B1/B2 or B2/C1, allowing you also to check your progress issue by issue.

My opinion on the magazine

I am very impressed with this magazine and what I like abut it is that, as well as being useful,  the articles are actually interesting and relevant to current Italian cultural affairs. To give you an example, in this issue there is an article about Val di Susa (a beautiful valley in the Alps often in the news because of a controversial project of building a high speed railway through it), a piece about the carnival in Venice (with a focus on Venetian food!), suggestions for books to read and an article about Italy and fashion.

So, would I recommend Tutto italiano to a learner of Italian? Definitely yes! So  much so that my husband has requested a yearly subscription to it as an early birthday present.

Want to know more? Tutto italiano is published by Language Passport, a trading name of Languages Direct Ltd: you can find additional info on their website: Languages Direct here or clicking on the Tutto italiano banner below.

Speak Italian? Speak it better! Subscribe to Tutto italiano Today!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the magazine for reviewing purposes but all opinions on this post are my own and come from my genuine appraisal of the publication.

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