This week is my little boy’s last week in crèche. Come Friday, he is going to have his graduation (yes, you read that one right!), then two full months of summer holidays and in September he will be starting school, along with the other ‘big’ boys and girls who will become his school friends.

It is a momentous event, if not consciously for him, who is not yet aware of how important this step is, for me and his dad. Childhood is full of milestones: the first smile, the first spoonful of real food, the first word, step, full night of sleep…but the start of school feels particularly emotional for us. School will be such a big part of his life: it will set the basis for so much, in terms of education and all the amazing things that come with it,  that we know we will remember his first day forever.

I can already imagine us getting ready, on that first morning, me and his dad probably fussing around him in a way that will leave him puzzled, to say the least. I know we will be  taking a picture of him when about to leave the house, with his coat and school bag. I also know we will print it out and keep it alongside the one we have from his first day in crèche, four years ago almost, fully dressed and with a teeny-tiny backpack on his shoulders.

I usually use this blog to write about travel, about physical journeys we take  to discover the world around us. But this is a big week for us and today I prefer to take a moment to think about a different kind of journey: the one that will bring him just across the road, but will open for him the marvelous world of education, ‘big boy’ friendships and independence. Like all journeys, I hope it’s going to be safe, interesting, fun and exciting. Because you don’t need to travel far, to go far. Good luck little bear!

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