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Interview with Wagoners Abroad

I usually publish my interviews with inspirational globetrotting parents once a month, but during August some of them are on trips that are so amazing it is worth following them as they happen. To make sure you don’t miss out on them, I have decided to add an...

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5 things your kids will love about Abu Dhabi

Today for my ‘5 things your kids will love about… ‘ series I have the pleasure of hosting family travel blogger extraordinaire Keri. Author of Babyglobetrotters, a fantastic resource for globetrotting families, Keri is an expat mum now living in Abu...

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10 simple tips that will make flying with kids easy

July has been a month of travel for your family: our desire to make the most of the summer holiday mixed with good, last minute opportunities for trips abroad, resulted in a calendar that now counts, between short and long haul, 6 flights in 4 weeks! Jetting around...

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Interview with the Educational Tourist

This month, for my interview series with inspirational globetrotting parents, I am delighted to meet Natalie, the author of family travel blog ‘The Educational Tourist’. I first noticed Natalie’s writing because of her title: as you know, I believe...

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