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Learning Escapes is a family travel blog dedicated to parents who, like us, believe holidays are the best opportunity to spend quality time with their kids. We want to inspire you to travel with your children and build great family memories: browse our menu for destination ideas, how-to guides and reviews that will help you along the way. Happy travel planning! Marta (mum), Phil (dad), Mr M and Little Ms E.


All about visiting Birr castle with kids

We got to Birr Castle on a cold winter morning. The grey sky touched the tops of the trees, the chilly air prickled our skin and Ireland was enveloped in that mystical atmosphere ancient tales and lore evoke so well. I had been meaning to go to Birr Castle for a long...

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Interview with: A family travel blog

This month, for my series of interviews with inspirational family travel bloggers, I am talking to Sarah, the author of the aptly named 'A family travel blog'. Sarah has a stunning looking blog and being a travel industry insider is full of ideas, tips and advice to...

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